Thursday, May 27, 2010

the golden birthday

Best birthday ever getting to celebrate with our son

well.. today marks my Golden Birthday! (27th birthday on May 27th.. making it my Golden Birthday as Camille reminded me) I think its my best birthday yet seeing as I got to wake up to this precious face and celebrate with him all day long. I truly feel blessed.

So in honor of it being my Golden Birthday we are taking River to get all his 2 month shots!! Happy Birthday mom! Am I right??

No idea why I did that to myself. I should have kept his appointment for June like it was originally planned. Problem was if we waited until June - Freeland couldnt come and Im definitely not going to watch them give River all those shots by myself.

So lets hope River handles them like a champ & doesnt get too fussy.

(I also went to lunch with Camille & Freeland is taking me out tonight.. dont worry the shots arent really all Im doing for my birthday)

And another exciting Birthday event - My dad & Tracy are also getting in town tonight to meet River for the first time! (My brother comes in on Saturday) I cant wait.

annnnd T - minus 2 days until Freeland's boards! Then the celebrations can REALLY begin! Pee my pants excited for that! Seriously!