Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Freelands first half marathon

Its true! Freeland did his first half marathon this weekend .. along with Student Doctor Adam Jennings in Pittsburgh. Originally Camille & Adam registered for the marathon but then Camille went and got knocked up so she couldnt run it anymore. (darn!) Thats where Freeland came in. He took her spot.

You know what that also meant? I had my first night alone with River. Just us. At the casa. Alone. With out a husband/father. (because Pittsburgh is 2 hours away so they drove up the night before for those unfamiliar with this area) And we made it. We actually had fun. Party with out the disciplinary. I let him stay up soo late and eat a gallon of ice cream and watch lots of TV. I kid. But we missed Freeland. I dont know what it will be like when he does his 4 week rotations away! Yikes.

Im proud of Freeland for running the marathon. I wont even begin to tell you what his training schedule looked like because trust me it will make you very mad at him. What a pro. He is a natural runner. Now if he could just find the time to actually run!

Oh did I mention it poured rain on Freeland & Adam the entire race? Not fun. 

In other news - Christie Lee is having her baby today!!! (her due date was April 25th!) River cant wait to meet little Jackson!