Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 weeks and 4 days but who's counting?

I cant believe this much time has already gone by. Its all happening way too fast.

In an attempt to get caught up I thought I would just post some pictures from River's first month of life. Looking through them all made me realize that I really dont take near enough pictures of him.. and that he has changed SO much already! He seems so tiny in these pictures to me!

Freeland & I are so grateful because River for the most part is an easy baby. Of course there are times when he fusses, nights where I dont sleep much,  and moments where we have no clue what we are doing but I am fully aware it could look very different so Im beyond thankful.

As you can see from some of these pictures most of River's first month consisted of sleeping.

all that hair on top is gone and its just peach fuzz now. I cant wait to see if it comes back in strawberry blond or blond

River sleeping on my moms shoulder


IMG_0034 1

playing with his tongue.

his first sponge bath - he very much disliked it. But he likes the bath now.

we think he is going to be a thumb sucker. He's close to finding it!

IMG_0029 1
freeland & maddie putting River to sleep at night

Rivers first walk

He fell asleep while we were changing his diaper.. with his WubbaNub on his face. Must have been tired.PS. for those who have asked.. yes I LOVE the wubbanub. I'll have to post more about it soon!




And at exactly 4 weeks & 1 day he smiled at us! A real true smile (not just an "i have gas" smile) where he was looking directly at me and responded to us. Now we can get him to smile all the time and its my favorite thing in the world. It completely melts my heart! Other favorites include.. letting him sleep on me, when he coo's, watching him & freeland, oh and definitely when he toots - It cracks me up that something so little can produce such a loud noise!

Im really hoping to get back to updating my blog more often. I realize there is so much Im leaving out when I go this long. So hopefully this week I can post more updated pictures & about everything else going on!