Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Zoo meets River

Maddie Loves River
maddie sitting and making sure River is okay. Common sight in our house these days

A lot of people have been asking how all our animals are adjusting to a little nugget being around.

To be honest I was nervous bringing him home. Mostly because of the cats - not the dogs. Cats can be unpredictable you know?

Well the second we walked in the door Maddie & Oliver were all over River sniffing him and wanting to lick his head. Super excited. Perfect.

Eddie (the fat cat) just hung out like nothing changed and eventually walked over to sniff his car seat. Sam (the black cat) went and hid under the coffee table. And for the first day wasnt too sure about him.

So Sam was the only one who seemed to notice the change. And by the 2nd day she was fine and even comes up and sniff's River now and is perfectly happy sitting next to all of us. Eddie cracks me up because he wants to be right next to us all the time.

Maddie loves him the most so far. She wants to nurse on him (lick his head) when he cries and Oliver jumps up the moment he cries too.

So praise the Lord they are all adjusting well. For having 4 animals we never knew what would happen. But maybe because we have 4 - its easier?! Who knows! I'll post more pictures of all them together soon. River just woke up.