Friday, April 2, 2010

update on Baby A

(sent this email to our family & thought I would post it here so everyone is updated)

Hey! Just a quick little update. Still no baby! The due date came & went (which is okay because it means we wont be having an April fools baby! that breaks Freelands heart but it makes me thankful :)

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything was great. They did a stress test which they said is normal when you go past the due date. Everything on the test looked great. Baby was doing just fine and apparently is very cozy in there!

As of now we are scheduled to go into the hospital at 6:00am in the morning to get things a rollin.

So hopefully that also means that Baby Ackley will be arriving today!!

Thanks for all your prayers, text, emails, ect. asking how were doing & encouraging us!

Cant wait to introduce yall to our son.