Thursday, April 15, 2010

still here

We are all still here.. kickin it with a little one at home.

Im trying to sit back and do absolutely nothing while my mom is still in town. So I apologize for the lack of posts. Seriously - not that our life is that interesting to you but I know there is family waiting for me to post pictures.

Hopefully between Freeland's study breaks I can get some pictures posted. (we are sharing 1 computer now)

We are loving life. River is adjusting well too. He sleeps, eats, poops, & pees. He could sleep a long time during the night but for the time being the doctor still wants me to wake him every 2 hours to feed him because he hasnt gained all of his weight back (he lost A LOT at the hospital) But he is gaining the right amount each day so thats great. Hopefully by Monday he will be back at his birth weight and we can let him sleep longer at night.

His dad is absolutely in love with him and its my favorite thing to watch.

Thanks for all your prayers. Post more pictures asap.