Friday, April 23, 2010

Rivers first friends

Im currently listening to our son snore as his takes a nap with Freeland on the couch and I couldnt love that noise anymore. its so sweet. I actually got the camera out to record it because I love it that much.

So since I have a little break I thought I would post about River's first friends that he met at the hospital. Freeland & I felt so loved and blessed by all the friends who stopped by the hospital to celebrate with us and meet River. We actually didnt expect anyone to come by initially since it was Easter weekend so we were especially blown away when all our friends showed up throughout the weekend.

Camille & Henry came first and waited in the waiting room with my mom. It was so sweet & I loved knowing they were there. So they were the first to meet him along with my mom. And then everyone else came by throughout the rest of the weekend.

Here are some pictures of just a few of the friends River met in the hospital.. and the gifts he was given on his "birth" day.


beautiful flowers from one of our branches at work

River's First Day
Scott & Jess had their son at the same hospital 2 days before us (on my actual due date) so they brought him by to meet River. They also live in the same neighborhood as us so we've seen them while we were out on a walk too - its been pretty fun.

River James
proud dads

River James


River & Tim share the same birthday so they have a special bond

Russ' first time holding a baby - such a pro!

Christie & Bill - their baby is due any day now!!!!


River James
Kevin & Becka came by before they left for the weekend! Super sweet of them


Back again on Easter - so sweet.

Sarah & Drew came back again on Easter to deliver River his first Easter Basket! I LOVED it!!



and my mom had this wreath sent to our hospital room so we could hang it on the door. Its adorable - and still on our door today. 

Sadly, I didnt get pictures of everyone that came to visit and spend time with us or all the flowers that people were so thoughtful to bring us. But Im thankful for the few I have so we can always look back and show River how loved he was from the minute he arrived.

One of my favorite moments in the hospital was on Easter morning when Adam, Camille & Henry came and we did communion together & read the Bible as one big ol family. It was a sweet moment and such a beautiful way to celebrate Easter while we were in the hospital. I was so glad they were willing to come and spend the morning with us. Definitely such a special memory.

Today he is officially 3 weeks old (wow Im behind on posting pictures) I feel like he has already grown so much so I promise to post more recent pictures soon.

Freeland's mom gets in town tomorrow and is here for the week. It will be fun for River to meet her. And I cant wait to hear from her how River compares to Freeland when he was a newborn!