Friday, March 26, 2010

tummy pictures at 40 weeks

per my mother's request here is the latest picture of the ever growing tumkin.

week 40

its large

and honestly Im a lot puffier in real life than these pictures show for some reason.

Please ignore that I was half way through getting in my PJ's for the night so I do have on a normal shirt & my awesome sweat pant things. Its attractive right?

thats what being 40 weeks pregnant is about - attractiveness.

week 40

The doctors appointment went well yesterday. No news to report. We sat and talked for a long time. He gave us options again as to when & how we want to deliver this little guy. Its strange because I really felt like I wouldn't have any options. I mean I know you have the option of whether or not you want an epidural & everything like that. But besides that I really thought it would be up to the doctor on what he thought was best. Turns out - whatever we want or feel like doing (at this point) is whats best.

Im thankful. But its strange at the same time. Gives us a lot to pray about too. Because how could I ever know what is best or what Im supposed to do?

He didnt check to see if I was dilated. (GASP!) But he had his reasons. And they made since. I did ask Freeland if he knew how to tell if I was dilated. (he does by the way) But he said if the doctor wont check .. he isnt either! :)

My belly button still hasnt popped out completely. Some days it looks like its about to but then it goes right back in. Strange. Everything else is normal. Normal pains, movements, aches, waddling, etc. I guess no big news is good news at this point.

Oh and I finally starting packing my bag for the hospital. I figured it was probably time. By this time next week we will have our son!

Im still working. The plan is to work as long as I can. So hopefully that works out. Other than that we are doing a whole lot of nothing. Just waiting & enjoying our time together.