Monday, March 1, 2010

these are the days of our lives

(pretend there is a picture here. I ran out of time so I didnt upload it)

This was such a great weekend. I took off Friday - just because I wanted to. Which was a blast. What made it even better was that Friday morning Freeland decided to enjoy the day with me. Meaning - NO STUDYING! Holy Moly people! It was nice. I felt so spoiled.

The rest of the weekend was just as relaxing too.

We went and got all the rest of the things we needed for the baby. Finished up the baby's room!! Put the stroller together. (which was funny) spent time hanging out. cooking. talking. just us.

It was nice. I didnt get on my computer once the entire 3 days. Thats Heaven to me folks.

I wish everyday could be that great. But dont we all?

I have officially entered the month of my due date. Although Freeland is still pulling for April 1st. (April Fools Day) Ive assured him that it would be best if I didnt wait until April 1st. Seeing as Im ready and all & although Im open to having to wait - its not my preference. So - here's to our son's birthday being in March! (ps-the doctor said he wouldnt let me go past April 2nd so we know that we will have our son by then at the latest! woo hoo!)

And in bigger news - we get to see our son today! We FINALLY have another sonogram! We havent had one since this. And it seems like its been forever. Im praying he is faced the right way so we can see his little face. Im also obviously praying he is healthy & all is going well. I cant wait! I'll post the pictures asap.