Wednesday, March 31, 2010

random thoughts on my due date

Here we are March 31st.

The due date.

Im posting this mostly so you all know Im still kickin it at home and haven't had the baby yet.

Im excited today is finally here. I don't feel like "get this thing out of me already" yet. I enjoy being pregnant. Dont get me wrong, Im ready to not feel HUGE. And Im ready to wear normal clothes, to be able to walk a normal speed again, & to get up from the couch without having to pause because my bones are in pain. But I also feel okay if he doesnt come today.

I didnt expect that. I thought I would be so anxious and ready by the time today arrived. But instead I feel at peace and fine with whatever day he decides to come. Maybe that's because I know my doctor isnt going to make me wait?

I did have SO MANY crazy braxton hicks contractions all last night. I kept making Freeland come feel my "rock hard" stomach. I also had strange pains in my back last night. I immediately started praying "Lord please dont let me have back labor" Im sure it was just the baby sitting on some nerve or something. But it enhanced my prayers last night - thats for sure. Other than that alls the same.

My mom gets in town tomorrow. We have lots of extra food & dinners already made in the fridge so that they are there for Freeland & my mom while we're at the hospital. Bags are all packed. Im finishing everything up at work. Cleaning up around the house & charging all the cameras. Making list. Freeland is busy finishing up everything at school & trying to study in advance for a test he has next week. (something about I guess he wont have time to study next week?!)

oh and I also made a onesie for the baby to wear on Easter!! I cant wait to see him in it.