Wednesday, March 3, 2010

progress on the baby room

this room was originally really just an extra room with nothing in it. When we first moved in we planned on eventually making it a guest bedroom. The dogs slept in there if they wanted to and thats pretty much all the "action" the room ever saw.

So after we cleaned it up, this is pretty much where we started from:

baby room

we just painted the walls a darker tan color so it wasnt so white.

then we cleaned all the windows, repainted the trim, doors, windows, etc. Then Freeland worked his tush off and painted the dresser & our crib.

and finally the room started coming together. Right now this is what it looks like:

Baby Room

thats the pack n' play under the crib right now. It will be moved.

oh and thats my rocking chair from when I was little. The one I have talked about before that was also my mom's & nana's chair when they were little. I love it. My uncle mailed it up to us to use.

Baby Room

everything on the walls is what we already had for now. Im still planning on ordering a print. eventually

the painting above the glider is another one done by Mike in Africa that we brought home with us. It seemed appropriate in the room for now.

Baby Room

and we still need a little table/night stand .. but Im not worried about it now.

But there you go .. if you were to come visit us right now thats what you would see in our son's room. Honestly its not our dream room but we quickly realized our dream room wasnt possible & we are really happy with how it turned out using what we already had & could buy. I like how not cluttered it is at the moment. I know that wont last. But I can still dream.