Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pictures of our son

As I said yesterday we went and had our sonogram. So we got to the appointment early. I was a little weary because we had a new person and I was used to Susan doing the sonograms for us(and knew that Susan would let us sit there for a LONG time watching him & give us LOTS of pictures) . Thankfully though the sweet girl who did our sonogram ended up sitting with us forever and giving us so many pictures.

Not because she just thought to though (although she probably would have) it was because apparently our son is already a stinker.

We sat patiently while she measured everything to make sure we were on track.

Then I asked .. can you show me his "parts & pieces" just so I can be sure. And sure enough there they were. Check!

Then she moved up to his face so we could see him... FINALLY.

And what do you know - HE WAS HIDING HIS FACE! Seriously kid! What are you doing? I mean - I know you were sleeping and had no idea... but your parents are dying to see you! So we sat there pushing and moving around trying to get him to move his little hand. (which his hand was SO cute by the way) He would move it for a second to show us his face but then quickly move it back. It didnt matter because we still got to see him! The first time I saw his face I just started gleaming - because to me he looks JUST like Freeland!

After sitting there for a long time we were finally able to get some pictures. His hand is still in all of them.. and in some it looks like he is moving to try to suck his thumb! But you can still see him.

a side shot of him all snuggled in there.

And then we started pushing on him trying to get him to move. His face looked a little frustrated after that!

this is a side shot where he looks like he is about to suck his thumb


Look at those lips!!!

Here he is from the front. Nose, Lips, Hand, Eyes.. and he looks like he has hair but thats just the way the picture is. It doesnt really look that way when you are looking on the screen.

again - look at those lips!

another one where he looks like he is going in for the kill (to suck his thumb)

in all we walked away with 14 pictures. (you can see them all here - at the bottom) I was so thankful that we got to see him & that he is right on track, healthy, and doing well.

It was so crazy to us that the last time we saw him he looked like this and was sooo tiny. Now he is an actual baby!!!

Oh and by the way - she said based on her measurements he is already 6lbs & 7 ounces (or somewhere close to there) so it looks like I just might be birthing one huge baby. But then again, who knows?

Oh and he is head down so it looks like things are moving forward as the should be!