Tuesday, March 16, 2010

nesting through email & a story for you.

back in July when I was prego & had no idea.

So nesting for me has become an obsession with my email - not our house. Strange. But its actually good. For those of you who know me.. you know that email is not one of my strengths. For example before I started cleaning my email out I had over 2000 emails in my inbox (I don't want to embarrass myself & tell you how many there actually were) and 600 of those were unread. And that's just my personal email. I also have a lot more work emails but lets not talk about work.. mmk?

So disclaimer: if you sent me an email and I never responded. Im really sorry. Hopefully with a cleaned out inbox that will no longer happen going forward.

Anyway, as I was cleaning out my inbox I came across this email I realized I never posted about it. A few days before Freeland got back from Africa I received an email saying:

Hi. Brooke.
This is Lena Salon & Spa & we are emailing you to tell you that you won a day at the spa. You won a massage, pedicure, manicure and can have your hair styled if you would like. We have tried to call you and we couldn't get through, we will try again. We have you scheduled Friday July 10 at 12:00. Hope you can make it. Please call and confirm that you got the message and if you can make it. Thanks so much. We look forward to hearing from you...

WHAT? HOW? WHO? I almost deleted the email thinking it was spam but then decided to call & was told that I had actually won a day at the spa! And it just happened to be the day that Freeland was getting home from Africa! Who was I to say no to getting pampered and made pretty before I went to get him from the airport? So of course I said yes.

Long story short. (or shorter .. sorry I know Im already making this long) I spent the entire day at the spa. Still confused as to how I won it (they told me a story that I believed at the time) Then as the day was coming to an end & I was finishing up getting my hair highlighted the woman who worked in the front walked back to me and said "you have a phone call"

And as Im sure you have already figured out. It was Freeland on the phone. Asking how I enjoyed my day at the spa that I "won". Everyone in the salon/spa let out a sigh of relief & an "awwwwwwww" as I just laughed & probably turned bright red. My hubby had planned the entire day and everyone I had just spent the last 5+hours with all knew it.

It was a fantastic surprise. Freeland said he knew it was the only way he could get me to go because otherwise I would have protested & said I didn't need it. But seriously - while he sat on a plane by himself and did the long horrible 40+hour venture back to the US.. he was making sure I was pampered. And how do you even plan/book a day at the spa from Kenya by the way??? Shouldn't it have been the other way around?? Im not the one who just spent a month in Africa.

Needless to say I was blown away. And as soon as I left the spa I went and made dinner reservations for us at the little restaurant in our neighborhood. Then ran to the airport and picked him up as fast as I could so I could hug his neck & not let go for a long time.

And the rest is history. (meaning - now Im pregnant and in 15 days Im having a baby :)