Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Everyone, Thank you.

Phew I cant believe we are just potentially a day or days away from meeting our son.

I said I felt like a ticking time bomb before. But jeez - that's SO much more true now. Its pretty funny calling people these days. They all pick up the phone and say "are you in labor?" Ive asked my dad if he wants me to text him before I call and say "Im about to call you - and Im not in labor" just to give him a heads up.

Looking back at the last 9-10 months Freeland & I feel beyond blessed. See when we found out we were pregnant we were naturally freaking out (excited but freaking out) & for whatever crazy reason I assumed everyone would think we were irresponsible since Free is still in Med School and all the other things that hadn't "lined up" in our lives yet. (like living 24+ hours away from family etc, only having 1 income, etc.)

But from the moment our families found out we were expecting they have been 100% on board with us. I obviously knew they would support us & love us no matter what but I don't think it occurred to me just how supportive and how excited they would be. Never once have they doubted us or worried. (which is exactly what we needed especially in the moments we doubted ourselves and worried) Its been a HUGE blessing knowing that they also see this as the Lords timing & that they are all anxiously waiting to welcome the first little one into our family.

And then there are all of our friends. Phew. The same goes for them too. They have gone out of their way for us over & over & over the last few months. People we barely know have expressed their excitement for us & that they are praying for us. And then there are people like Adam & Camille who basically offered to lend us everything they owned to help us out. Camille loaded me up with every book she owns & stocked my closet full of Maternity Clothes so I could make it over the winter. And they have both let us sit and go on & on & on about all the questions we had and graciously offered their advice.

These last 2 weeks we have received so many unexpected sweet things in the mail. So many thoughtful phone calls. So many encouraging text, emails, and even messages on facebook from friends. And then last night our friends Sarah & Drew even treated us to dinner! Yumm-o!

Of course our life is messy & we have no idea what we are doing.. we are FAR (SOOOOO very very far) from perfect & we screw up daily. But its nice to know that people still love us and believe in us. And Im thankful the Lord has provided so many amazing people in our life to support us & celebrate this season with us.

Thank you to all of you who have been thinking about us & supported us through all this. Its been so wonderful & Im so thankful our son is already loved so much by so many people.