Monday, March 22, 2010


well of course as timing would have it our computer crashed this weekend. Thankfully Freeland saw it was about to happen. Called apple. Worked his tail off to save every single picture we have. And then it crashed.

I would have died if we lost all our pictures. DIED.

So even though I'm not thrilled that our computer may or may not work in the future & I'm definitely not willing to pay any money right now - at least we have our pictures.

And at least its the first time in the 6 years we have had the computer its happened?!

So because of that I have no pictures to share. Im sorry. I wanted to put up pictures from the shower in Texas & then a shower we did for our friend Christie. Hopefully soon. Currently they are sitting on a hard drive & Im too afraid to mess anything up to touch it.

Im still prego. The only new news is that I have been sick the last 5 days and it turned from a cold into a nasty cough. Im hoping its almost over because its interrupting my sleep. and as we all know - I need to cherish every last minute of sleep I can get right now. Other than that I feel fine.. and I also feel like a ticking time bomb but I guess thats normal at this point.

This weekend was productive. We celebrated Drew's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. I cleaned out my office. Organized the house. We finished our Thank You notes. Saved all our pictures on the computer. Grocery shopped. Worked on the baby book. Cleaned the guest bedroom. Grilled out.

oh and how can I forget


Boo Ya! So excited for them. I dont think I have ever watched as much basketball as I did this weekend. I loved it.