Monday, March 8, 2010

37 weeks

Dear Interweb,

I am officially uncomfortable.

Hugs & Kisses, Brooke

PS: Im not complaining. Just stating the facts like I see them. Or feel them.

PPS: Im now in my 37th week. I thought I should explain that in the chance I confuse people. Im actually 36 weeks and 5 days.. but Im iiinnnnn my 37th week. There are you now not confused? Just Kidding. Its still confusing I know.

And dont worry, I get mad at the doctor every week when he says I am 36 weeks. I tried to tell him that he is wrong.. Im actually in my 37th week. Doesnt he read "what to expect when you are expecting"?

Im kidding of course. Either way.. lets not make it sound farther away than it is. I have 23 days left until my due date. there that's better.

Things are going well. Im right on track still. We had an appointment last Friday. I was 35cm.. according to that doctor. (I think Im larger) I had the strep B test done 2 weeks ago. That was surprising. (not bad or painful - just didn't really know I was having it done until I walked in and the nurse said "you can place this sheet over you & the doctor will be right in") Both the Dr & I laughed a lot while the test was being done. Im so thankful for a doctor that laughs along with me & Freeland so much.

I feel okay. I say 'okay' because Im starting to get really uncomfortable. As I mentioned in my letter at the top. Up until last week I would have said I felt great. Then all the sudden my body just hurt all over. Especially at night. But at the same time I feel like I made it really far without being too uncomfortable so Im still thankful actually.

PS - did you see Baylor win this weekend? Or more specifically - did you see Baylor beat UT this weekend? AND did you know that the first round of games are possibly in Buffalo - which is only 1 hour & 30 minutes from our house.. sooooo looks like if Freeland doesn't have a test & Im not in labor we will possibly be going to the first round of games! Very exciting!