Wednesday, March 24, 2010

168 more hours left


officially 39 weeks pregnant today
1 week & 0 days left to go
starting week 40 of my pregnancy
9 months & 3 weeks pregnant
273 days pregnant
7 days left
Only 168 more hours to go

However you want to look at it or say it - its almost time!

Dear Baby .. I have been SO thankful for this last week and how much we were both able to get done. Not that we can plan these things out. And whenever you are ready .. we are ready. But if you want to consider staying cozy & tucked in there for just one more week until your due date .. your dad & I are just fine with that.

Im finally getting over my cold/cough junk. Praise the Lord! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so more updates then hopefully!

Freeland is still working on trying to save our computers life. Once thats all finished I will hopefully be able to post some more pictures from everything else going on. Bless that man.