Monday, March 15, 2010

16 days to go

Here we are at the 16 day count down. Things are moving along. Probably the most common question I get asked these days are "do you have a name yet" and "any signs that you will be going into labor soon"?

Well, we still dont have a name - but we did finally check out some books from the library so hopefully we will have a name soon!

And, as far as any action going on that makes me think I will go into labor soon? Not really. I mean I definitely have a ton of cramping and my body is doing strange things everyday that make me question what is going on inside. But, none of it makes me think anything will happen soon. Just makes me think my body is getting itself ready for something to happen.

I did have a really strange night/morning on Saturday. Intense cramping and pain all over my tummy on & off for a while. But then I laid down (on the floor of the bathroom) and it finally went away. So it was nothing to report.

Other than that things are all normal here. Just ready to meet our son. My mom booked her flight up here. So that's exciting. I have my doctors appointment this week where he will tell me if I'm dilated yet or not. And my biggest focus right now is getting everything done for work that I can. (which is so not exciting or fun in anyway - but it must be done) My plan as of now is to work up until I go into labor.

Oh and for those interested I made it so my twitter updates are on our blog now. (per my dad's request when he asked if I would be updating everyone via twitter or not) If for some reason I go into labor - thats where to look. Not that I will be posting every detail of my labor like I did our move up north.. but I will post that Im in labor & give updates! :)

PS - have you heard the news??? Adam & Cam are expecting their 2nd baby! Surprise! Here's to hoping for a future daughter-in-law!!!