Friday, March 19, 2010

1 week and 5 days

The car seat is officially in the car & ready to go. (i love having it there)

And we are now officially registered at the hospital. So we are ready to go.

We had a doctors appointment yesterday. It went well.

The baby is happy & healthy it seems.

Im still measuring on track & my weight has evened out. Its gone up & down each week for the last month. (Drum Roll Please .... Ive gained 30 pounds according to the doctors office. Unless you count when my weight goes down. But I wont because I know it will just go back up again the next time.) Im fine with that amount.

Im 50% effaced.. but im not dilated yet. The baby has dropped and the braxton hicks contractions that I get are getting stronger & stronger. Which I guess all of that really means nothing. Everything will happen when its supposed to. But the good news is something is happening and my body is getting itself ready.

This week has been crazy. There is a lot going on in both of our lives that I never really imagined happening just a week before our first child was about to arrive. I do know that thankfully the Lord has a plan for us & our family. And we are trying to rest in that and just trust him & his timing. Id love to say this is easy but to be honest Im shocked at how quick I am to feel anxiety over all the decisions and worry instead of knowing that He loves us & allowing him to provide us with a peace & rest in that.

Oh and the doctor gave us some options yesterday as to when & how we want to go about Labor & Delivery. That made everything so much more real (because he basically said if I wanted I could have the baby on Monday.. yes in like 3 days) I thought I was ready but that made me realize I wasnt. Which I guess is good. The plan as of now (i think) is to just wait until my due date and see if I go into Labor naturally. If not, then we will go in that Friday & go from there.

In other news it looks like Spring has arrived in Erie & Im loving it. I sat outside yesterday for lunch & it was so nice. I cant wait to be able to take the baby on walks outside and just spend the evenings in the backyard.