Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the other side of the lake

As you know we live on Lake Erie. And as you also know Lake Erie freezes over in the winter. Last year I showed you pictures of us walking on the ice and across the lake here and here.

Those were both from the peninsula side of the lake.

While my dad was here it warmed up a TON. Like it was 35-40 degrees outside! Even warmer a few days! So we took advantage of the warm weather and showed him around our neighborhood and let him see the lake frozen over.

Since we moved in June we live on the lake now. (I guess? I mean our backyard isnt the lake but if you walk a block down the road that person's backyard is the lake.. following me?)

So I thought I would show you some of those pictures so you can see the frozen lake from the other side this time.

But first, lets start with the dogs! Im pretty sure they were so excited to be able to run around for over an hour in the snow again. (even though Freeland still walks them when its colder.. its just shorter walks when its 20 degrees outside.)


my dad had the privilege of walking powers. (he doesnt pull like our dogs do)

oh and I dont "walk" any of them. I walk along side of them now... or behind them since I walk waddle so much slower these days!

Their favorite I think was walking up the hills of snow that my dad kept taking them to


Oliver got confused and crawled under Freeland. oops

Okay, here are some pictures of the lake frozen:


we're standing on a cliff looking over the bay side of the lake and the peninsula is across from us .. if that helps you get an idea of where we are.


all those little blue boxes are people ice fishing.


lots of ice


even more ice


and here are a few more of the dogs just for kicks!

powers spotted some deer running through all the trees below. Maddie did too but she tried to run along side them. which was funny to watch.




Then the day my dad left it got cold again. I really feel like January was such a "warm" month. Maybe its because last winter is all I have to compare it to and last winter was crazy.

The snow all came back this week. Or should I say its coming back?? I'm not sure. Either way. I love it.