Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet the Parents .. with swagger

this makes me really laugh. its worth watching.

and Im not saying that we will take this approach to parenting... but Im just sayin. (maybe we will)

wow - hey Conner, have a little dignity buddy.

I'm not saying its a competition - but if it were we would clearly be the winners. We are winning at parenthood.

Our kids are so lucky to have us as parents. We read to them, we take them on play dates, we hug them & we kiss them all the time.. we feed them every {other} day. I have a phrase for it - its called giving. We are givers. Its what we do.

I would use the same words to describe it .. modern, stylish, and SUPER good looking.

I like to call it the swagger wagon. You know sometimes when we roooolll up in our swagger wagon & people see our style .. I don't want to say that they get jealous.. yeah you do. yes, I do.

and for those interested - these are my other favorites. Seriously hilarious! Probably even better.

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