Thursday, February 11, 2010

like father like son?

our first summer in Erie

of course I wonder what our baby will look like. (all the time) and who he will take after and how he will grow & change so much so quickly. I personally think all the guys in Freeland's family look similar. When you are around them you can definitely tell they are all related. The times we have been around his extended family they always say to him that he is obviously a "James" relative.. and definitely Cotton's grandson. Which I love.

But this morning as I was going through some pictures I couldn't help but think that if our son looks anything like his father - I happen to think he will be the stinkin cutest thing I have ever seen.


and you should see him when he was a baby. it makes me laugh out loud thinking about it. (we were both chubby babies) I have some of those pictures. But they are on the other computer & I'm too lazy.

So while you wait here is this one:


Look at that face!

Dear son, I hope you get your fathers looks, skin, hair, height, vision, talent & shoot lets throw in work ethic, smarts, and passion while we are at it.... not that I don't have anything to offer. But I think you would be one stinkin cool kid if you took after him.

PS - for those who have asked - I did turn off our comments for the time being. Its not your computer :)