Monday, February 8, 2010

how to appreciate maternity leave

Want to know how to appreciate your maternity leave?

Think for 7.5 - 8 months of your pregnancy that you aren't getting one.

Then when you find out that you do get one - you will cry lots of tears of joy.

trust me - those tears of joy wouldn't have been there if I thought from the beginning I was getting a maternity leave. I would have been happy. really happy - but brought to tears? No, I dont think so.

Its true, until last week I didn't think I was getting maternity leave & I thought I would be using up all my PTO instead. (it wasn't exactly like that but I dont want to get into all the details of HR on here so Im just simplifying it. k?) Therefore I was determined to be working again after 3 short weeks (because I didn't want to use ALL my PTO for the year)

Yes, I know that's insane to think I would be working again that quickly but I figured if I didn't have a choice I would make the best of it & make it work.

Until I learned that whoever I spoke to from HR originally told me wrong and I do actually have paid maternity leave and it is for 6 weeks!!!

Dear Lord, Thank you. Love, Brooke

Then I quickly threw the whole 3 week idea out the window. Because I think we can all agree that was a horrible idea anyway. And I will still have my PTO if I feel like I need more time than that with the little one before I go back to working full time.

I couldn't believe it when I realized that I would get an actual maternity leave. I seriously made the HR person I talked to repeat it to me like 6 times and send it to me in writing because I didn't believe it.

And we checked today - as of April 1st Freeland will be pretty much done with classes and just at home studying for boards. So the timing couldn't be more perfect. Now lets hurry up and get here already March!!!