Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the final touches on the baby room

the room has pretty much been done since Christmas. All with the exception of getting some things on the wall. Freeland & I looked online back in December and then pretty much haven't looked since. But here are a few of the ideas we came up with & are thinking about doing. Most of these were found from other blogs or from searching through Etsy. (for those who are curious)



this is Freeland's favorite. We arent sure how it would work because it would take up an entire wall in the room.

there is an entire series of these little guys all as different characters that we thought about getting

there is also a scientist, drummer, and a few others we looked at.

I want this to go on the wall next to the rocker/glider chair

and lastly we thought about putting this over the crib

ha. it probably wont happen so those of you having a heart attack right now can breath easier.

there are probably a few other ones but thats all I have saved on this computer.

Maybe we will end up hanging some photos in the room instead? Who knows?

We are still looking. Im not really that picky about whats in there especially since the baby wont be able to read! And most our time will be spent in other rooms. But I'd like something on the wall.

It is also really nice not having a "theme" in the room because our options are endless.. but we all know (or those of you who know me know) that I am not the best at finalizing any decisions (see post below about baby names) so I have a feeling this may just come down to whatever Freeland picks for the room.

I also LOOOOOOVE all of these but think they may be a little too girly for the room .. thought I would share them though in case anyone else wanted to see them.

*all of those are from Etsy if you are interested.