Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dont drink the water

(or do.. if you want)

But I feel like I talk about myself & our lives more than enough on here. (I feel that way because its true!) I cant believe people still read our blog. I figured you've all had enough of ""

So I thought I would share some other blogs with you. Because as it turns out there is something in the water.. and I'm not the only one at this stage in my life.


See, this was just at our shower:

From left to right: Jill (from Small Group) Jamie (from Small Group) Christie (Girls Group) and Jessica (Small Group) .. and me. (from small group & girls group)

But wait, there are SO many more!

I hesitated to do this because I just know Im going to accidentally leave someone off this list & I dont want to leave anybody out. If I leave you off just let me know! And just blame it on pregnancy brain.. or me not realizing you have a blog! mmk?

So if you are interested in reading about other people check out these blogs:

Emily - also with her 3rd!
Abby - just had her baby
Melanie - also just had her baby
Emily - TWINS!
Kate - just had her baby
Christine - just had her baby

Umm and those are just the people I know personally that have shared the news & who have blogs that I can share.

I also have a feeling there are a few more to add to the list! (wiiiiink) Not that I know something nobody else does.. I seriously dont. But its just a feeling.

Ive also loved 'meeting' all the other people who I didn't know before but are also at this stage - either prego or trying to get pregnant. Its nice to have so many people going through the same thing & read every one's experience.. and share life.

Now go read about something else other than me! me! me! me!

Oh and just for fun - Drew hopped in our picture at the shower. What a jokester. Okay that was corny. but really - he is always making all of us laugh.

I will post all the other pictures from the shower asap!