Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthing Classes

I forgot to mention that last night we started our birthing classes. Now, if you asked me if I was nervous about labor before my answer would have been "not really".

Ask me now? My answer:

OH MY GOSH!!! I have to do what???? Please don't remind me.
(possibly with tears in my eyes)

Talk about making this all a reality and scaring the flippin daylights out of someone. (it was the videos that really made it sink in)

Don't get me wrong - Im so thankful that I can start mentally preparing myself. And I know its what Im created to do and that I will make it through.. and it will be a beautiful & rewarding thing. But the reality of the work it could take I guess just finally hit us. Which really is a good thing. I would rather not go in oblivious to what is going on.

The class itself is great. Lots of wonderful & practical information. And it really isnt all about things that scare me! :) Its reassuring & comforting also. Im glad we are doing it. There is a couple from our small group (she is due 5 days after me) doing the class with us. And the woman leading the class seems great.

It did take EVERYTHING in Freeland to not say "that's what she said" every 20 seconds though. And we laughed a lot.. especially at the end when we practiced the massages and breathing.

We have 2 more classes left. Im looking forward to see what else we are going to learn.