Tuesday, February 9, 2010

birthing classes officially paid off

last night we had our 2nd birthing class.

and last night I volunteered to sit on one of the bouncy balance ball things the instructor was telling us about.

and it was then that I decided even if I didn't learn anything else from this class - just the opportunity to sit on that ball made the class worth our time.

(I have learned other things from the class though too)

My bones ache so bad all over.

Getting up hurts. moving hurts. Walking up the stairs is not my favorite. And getting into bed is the worst. It makes me feel very old.

And it wasn't until I sat on that crazy ball that I felt any relief.

So I'm off to go buy one for myself right now.

PS - this is the first "class" Freeland and I have ever had together since clearly he was a biochem major & I was a telecomm major. He informed me the other day that he has learned so much about me just from taking this class. Like the fact that I am a nodder (if the teacher looks directly at me I nod my head to agree with whatever they are saying.. mostly because its awkward) Its like he didn't even know me! :)

And last night I laughed so hard during class I cried and even had a headache when we came home. But I do feel very informed about epidurals, pain relief options, being induced, and c-sections. I also realize we have to be open to all the options. (Even though our preference seemed 100% opposite from everyone else in the class! picture the scene from the Baby Mama Movie) We'll do whatever it takes to have a healthy baby at this point.