Monday, February 15, 2010

best surprise ever

So as it turns out we have the best group of friends up here ever. (this actually was already known) And after this weekend Freeland & I both feel even more loved by all of them. (if thats possible!)

Here is what happened: Camille, Sarah, & Christie were all planning a shower for me. For what I THOUGHT was on February 21st. Little did I know they were really planning on doing a surprise shower for me.

So they got Freeland involved and told him how they wanted to surprise me and actually do the shower on February 14th. (not a big deal to do it on valentines because all our hubbies are studying anyway) So for the last few weeks they have been working hard to get everything together. And Freeland also worked hard to keep it all a secret too. Sneaky! Sneaky!

I had no idea.

(are you all still with me?)

Then last week we got an email from Sarah saying she wanted to have people over on Friday night for a valentines dinner & to play games. Completely normal because she is the hostess with the mostess. Then Adam & Camille invited us over early to just hang out and all go together. Again, completely normal.

So we went to our doctors appointment Friday afternoon & then headed straight over to Adam & Camille's and we just hung out. Then we left to go to Sarah & Drew's for our valentines party. Just a little night out with probably 6-10 friends.

EXCEPT - when we walked up to her house the door was wide open and standing inside were 30 of our closest friends all there waiting for us ... and singing "For He's A Jolly Good Baby.. For He's A Jolly Good Baby..!!!!"


Not only did they surprise me with a shower - they definitely surprised Freeland with a shower too!!!!!! Well, actually it was technically a Baby Party I guess. :)

shower 002

(sorry I scanned the invitation and the quality didnt turn out great)

Christie designed the invitations! They also made a fake one to mail me so I wouldnt know what was going on.


It was seriously the best surprise ever! They had tricked us both and somehow managed to get everyone we are friends with (even the guys from Freeland's class) to come celebrate with us!!

We seriously stood there in shock not knowing what to do or how to respond. Finally we walked in - completely overwhelmed - and started putting it all together.

(and of course I was saying things like "Im glad I showered.. ahh I would have put on a better outfit and actually done my make up if I had known!" lame)

It was seriously the best night ever. We ate, everyone enjoyed beer & wine, we opened gifts, played lots of funny games, and got to enjoy seeing everyone all together! I had SO much fun getting to celebrate with everyone and the fact that Freeland also got to be a part of it, the surprise & all his friends were there too made it SO much more special!

Thank you so much all of you who worked SO hard to put together our party & keep everything a surprise!! We definitely feel soo loved and had so much fun!

Sarah took pictures for us so I will post those once I get some. Everything of course looked amazing!!!!!! Also Camille posted about it on her blog and it isnt as wordy if you would rather read her post! :)