Monday, February 22, 2010

the baby with no name


lets talk. shall we?

this weekend Freeland and I realized a few things:

1. umm there are like almost 30 days left for us to come up with a name.
2. everyone thinks that we have a name picked out & are just being tricky and not sharing it.
3. everyone thinks that we are going to have this craaaazy unique name since its taking us so long to come up with one.

we've dug ourselves a pretty hole huh? (setting expectations I mean) So let me just clarify (for our sake):

I promise you we have no name selected yet. I also promise that its not some secret we aren't sharing. Annnnnnd I really promise that it isn't because we are trying to come up with a crazy unique name.

Phew - that feels nice to have the bar lowered a bit.

We still have at least 5 girl names we LOVE. But boy names - zero.

We have tossed around a few ideas. But none of them stick or feel right. There are a few that Freeland likes but I used my veto and told him there was no way I was naming our son those names. The same, there are 2 that I liked but he wasn't a fan. And its not like I was that crazy about them anyway.

To be honest we aren't that worried about it. AND to be even more honest - the reason its taking us so long is because we haven't just sat down and looked that hard. So there you have it world .. its not because we are looking for this perfect name. Its more because we really haven't looked.

We've discussed - a lot. But only names we could come up with on our own or after looking very quickly online. So one of these days we will sit down & actually go through all the lists until we come up with a name.

And I promise - when we have one. You will be the first to know!

Either that or we will have the nurses in the labor & delivery room pick it for us.