Wednesday, February 17, 2010

35 weeks

Today I am starting my 35th week.

Again (as always) that's crazy.

We had our doctors appointment last Friday & I'm measuring right on track still (32cm as of last week for those interested - Im probably much larger by now) and thankfully my weight is starting to even out. Still gaining but at a normal pace now.

We also finished our birthing classes on Monday. I enjoyed them but I'm also glad they are done. Being around a bunch of really anxious couples is funny. We learned a lot & definitely feel more prepared from the class. I would do it again if I had the option. But we also realized we are very different from other parents-to-be & everyone has their own idea of how they would like things to go! And that's okay.

(that was me nicely saying some people are really up tight - by the way)

Anywho - at the end of the class we got to tour the hospital and the Labor & Delivery floor. It definitely made everything so much more real. We have both been up to the hospital to visit friends who have had babies but of course we never saw anything but the recovery rooms. So it was nice to see the actual Labor Rooms (which are really nice and feel nothing like a hospital - I actually thought the beds were a little too nice for what would be happening on them) and we saw where everything else was & a few different options for recovery rooms.

We also learned all the other details like where to go when we get to the hospital, how to register early, where the free food, coffee, etc. is for family (Freeland) while he is graciously supporting me through Labor, where to park & all those other details. Which I hadn't thought about & if I go into labor in the middle of the night Im not even sure I would have known where the entrance to ER was before this class.

We go to the doctor again next week & thats when I start my weekly appointments!! Im excited for them to start.

Now we are both just trying to enjoy the next few weeks. So far I still feel pretty good. As long as I don't push myself too hard (and by that I mean actually doing very little) I feel great. My belly button is still an innie at this point. And for the most part once I fall asleep Im able to sleep okay. I still don't have any crazy cravings. (annoying! its the one time I wish I did) And as far as I know I havent had any braxton hicks contractions. I feel my tummy get tight but it more feels like the baby stretching out to me so I really have no idea. Whatever it is - it isnt painful though so thats good!

oh and for those curious - No, we still don't have a name. :)

I'll post some pictures soon. My camera is dead at the moment.