Thursday, January 21, 2010

the start of a baby room

the room is actually pretty much finished the only other things we need to get are some pictures for the wall. (and probably some other things but I cant think of anything else so I cant imagine a baby will either)

but this was the start of the room.

thanks to my husband for being a cheap-o like me & honestly for the Lord providing - we have been able to put together this baby room for less than what we originally thought we would spend on the crib alone.

this was the first purchase we made:


note: sam is hiding underneath the dresser. she is camera shy


it was originally a "vintage" yellow. but the perfect size. a little girly? maybe. but it works in the room & it was only $35.00

can I get an amen.

then freeland fixed it up & painted it


now it looks so fresh & so clean clean


I actually loved it in the yellow & hated to paint it kind of.

But white works much better for his room & I still love it just as much.

We rearranged the room so once I take some more pictures I will post those too.

PS - as of yesterday I am officially in my 31st week. Almost 8 months!


  1. Love your dresser! I am hoping we can find something like that to use in our nursery.

    How are you feeling?

  2. Amen!!I love your steal!!! I can't believe you got that for $35!!! That's amazing!! And it is a beautiful piece!! Looking forward to the finished product.. and hey how bout some more tummy pix?? Does Applejack move all the time?? and a million other questions of just wondering how ya'll are doing.. k luv ya!

  3. I liked the yellow when I saw it, but love the white. GOOD CHOICE!

  4. The dresser is so cute. Your pregnancy has gone by so fast. I can't wait to see more pics of the nursery and your little belly. :)