Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sleeping, dreaming, and possibly snoring

well I have reached that point where I either sleep forever and cannot seem to get out of bed or I lay in bed for hours without being able to fall asleep.

Thankfully Im still somewhat comfortable in bed. (unless there is a HUGE cat trying to sleep on top of me) so I cant complain too much.

Dont get me wrong I feel like I could fall asleep at any point during the day if someone would let me. Unfortunately its not okay to actually sleep 24 hours a day.

I forgot to mention that I had a dream about our son a while ago. First let me say my dreams have always been strange & Ive always been able to remember most of them even before I was prego. But holy cow the second I started this whole thing my dreams stepped it up a notch. Seriously. I could write an entire blog on just my dreams but then you would realize how strange I am so I wont. Just know that apparently when you are prego anything goes in the dreams department.

Back to the dream about our son. I was in labor. And for some reason I was in labor at Lecom. (Freeland's school - which is not a hospital btw) The room I was in had windows all along the wall. Not windows that were looking outside with a beautiful view - nope.. these windows faced the hallway so everyone could see in (wouldn't that be lovely if labor & delivery rooms really were that way) So in my dream I knew everyone walking by the room. Note: I was IN labor - and I was also sitting with my legs up (ie: giving them a show) ready to push & everyone was walking by as if this was normal!

The only people in the room with me were Camille & Sarah Allen. (her husband is now in his ER residency in Texas) Sarah was going to deliver the baby. I asked if she was sure she wanted to & she said "yes, trust me, Josh has told me how to do this 100 times Im a pro" and that was enough. I trusted her. She told me to push.

And literally 5 seconds later I was holding our son.

I remember thinking "gosh why does everyone say this is hard - I dont even know what I just did & its over" .. everyone was still walking by outside just watching. I was waving to a few of them that I knew.

And I kept looking at our son waiting for Freeland to get out of class so he could come meet him.

Then I woke up. The worst part is I cant remember what he looked like.

But it was fun to have a dream about him. If only labor really was that easy.

And I always heard that it would be possible that I might start to snore. I was determined that I wouldn't be that person. Until the other morning. I literally woke myself up snoring. I jumped & Freeland was just staring at me... I apparently also woke him up with my snoring too.



  1. I am sure Sarah would do a wonderful job with your delivery. And LECOM would be an okay place to have your baby...just remember no beverages in any of the rooms and you must be in dress code!

  2. My husband said I started snoring sometimes too. It is just lovely, huh?

  3. Oh that's funny. All of it. Especially that you woke yourself up snoring and he was already just staring at you.

    The dream was really funny too though--that you were waiting for Freeland to get out of class so he could come meet the little guy. I can remember being so sure that Sean would be on a trip when I went into labor. And he was there for all three births.

    The dreams for me were so crazy I don't think I'll ever forget them. Flying on a magic carpet, getting chased by pom poms, giving birth to a donkey, (oh the fear that came with that one--what if I have to breastfeed a donkey-I woke up in a cold sweat.

    You should write about yours. I won't think you're strange :)

  4. i remember sleeping at red lights...really, just a quick snooze, interupted by horns!! i also napped in the bathtub...anything goes when you're prego!!

  5. Ha! I experienced the dreams and the snoring! And I will totally deliver your baby if Sarah is not available!

  6. Ha, don't worry Brooke! You just tell me when you are ready and I will be at LECOM. I may have to have Josh on the phone coaching me through the delivery though! : )

  7. lol. Luckily I haven't started snoring yet, can you believe we only have 8 more weeks?!

    Anyway, try to sleep as best you can, I know its hard.