Monday, January 4, 2010

I will remember this.. and I will resolute to do that ..

I will always remember that in 2009 I:

umm hello.. got knocked up
moved into our 3rd house together since we've been married
had staph infection (in my eye - gross)
made it through Freelands first year of med school
discovered SYTYCD
traveled overseas with Freeland & stepped on African soil for the first time
paid off our first vehicle
weeped, grieved, rejoiced, & prayed with lots of friends
took Freeland on his first family vacation (with my side of the family)
felt something moving INSIDE my stomach for the first time
had yogurt and actually liked it
missed a phone call from Harpo Studios

made a coconut cream pie that I finally didnt have to throw away
held lots of babies at an orphanage
laughed a lot
started to really work & live on a budget (thankfully b/c of Freeland)
cried way way way too much. (both good & bad tears)
was a maid of honor for the first time ever (in meagans wedding)
made it through BOTH dogs being sprayed by a skunk (during 1st trimester sickness too)

became a blonde again
made it another year without a tan (not by choice)
ignored all the Michael Jackson media coverage on TV
at times acted like a huge brat (unfortunately)
put together a baby room
watched Its A Wonderful Life for the first time
cut our grocery bill in half
shaved my legs more often (I figured while I still can - I should)
used a lot of PTO
fell more in love with Freeland

I will resolute in 2010 to:

continue to paint my nails as often as possible
invest in other peoples lives more
stop talking so much
take the dogs for even longer walks
go sledding & build a snowman
become a mom
learn more about my camera (actually take it off automatic for once)
plant herbs that dont die within the first month
go out to the peninsula more (since we live 2 minutes from it now)
use the all the kitchen appliances just sitting unused downstairs

be better at checking my voicemail & email
support Freeland as he learns to balance studying for boards & being a dad at the same time
turn off the TV
one day fit into my prepregnancy clothes again
but at the same time I resolute to not care/focus on my weight
send more cards to people (a habit I got out of in 2009)
do laundry more than 10 times (meaning so Freeland doesn't always have to do it)
joyfully be a working mom (scary)
use our video camera more often
beat Freeland's record (just once) at Mario Kart
help Freeland bathe the dogs(just once)
make new recipes & hopefully try to make my own baby food
utilize all the garage sales in our neighborhood

wear lipstick
hopefully travel less (i just dislike the packing & unpacking part you see)
(not that I traveled a lot this year)
stay in touch with Friends & family more

wear tights & headbands more
clean our kitchen floor more often

... Just to name a few.

to see last years list click here


  1. you have a lot of great things on that list! 2010 looks to be an exciting year for you :-)

  2. Oh my dear friend, you are already a mother. And a wonderful one at that.

  3. You inspire me in so many ways. Happy New Year. Oh, and can we get an explanation about the HARPO call.

  4. hey! i'm camille's cousin...found you thru her. you will be a great (crazy, it's okay) mom. but crazy is a given...always there, just to what degree. i really need more on the harpo call, please!! happy new year!

  5. I think I may copy you on a post like this on my blog ... :) Hope you don't mind! And can't wait to see more preggers pics in 2010 and find out what you guys name the little peanut!!! Happy New Year!!!

  6. Hi there!! So it has been forever since I last blogged, but I am back and wnated to send a huge congrats your way on the baby! That is so exciting :) PS. I also went back to blonde this year... woohoo!

  7. It's great to look back on memories but always so much more exciting to plan ahead! Hope 2010 is even better for you than 2009!

  8. Definitely explain the missed phone call from Harpo....

  9. Ok...yes...we need details on the Harpo call, please and thank you!