Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Chiz visits the north


Big Chiz is what my dad request he is called instead of "grandpa" but everyone else insist that he will be called "grandpa" - mostly because they know he doesnt want to be.

(Chisum is my maiden name in case there is confusion where that comes from)

Right now my dad is currently on his way to Erie, PA.

You may remember that I saw him just 2 weeks ago - so really this trip is all about Freeland, not me. My dad hasnt seen Freeland since last MAY! (even though Freeland was in Tx in Sept for 24 hours we didnt have a chance to see my dad then) So he decided last month to make a quick trip up here before the baby arrives to make sure he got in some quality time.

We're excited that he is coming. We have all of nothing planned for the entire weekend but it should still be fun.

We will also be celebrating Freeland's birthday again since there is family here to celebrate now! Dont you love when birthdays get to last this long??! I do

PS - remind me to tell you the joke we are playing on my dad. (camille - it was your idea if you remember)

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