Tuesday, December 8, 2009

winter wonderland

First of all - THANK YOU so much for all your advice & recommendations!! Im thankful you all had so much to share! It really does help.

Secondly.. I think winter has officially started here in Erie! It snowed on & off all day Sunday & then again yesterday afternoon but it wasnt really sticking. It wasnt until we were going to bed & Freeland happened to look outside & said:


I couldnt believe the blanket of snow that was already on the ground. And I couldnt believe somehow we missed that it was happening!

These pictures are from this morning before Freeland left for class:

First snow in 2009

They arent the best because 1. it was cold 2. a prego person in mismatched christmas pajamas with her hair sticking up is not a cute sight so I was seriously just trying to run back inside in fear of the neighbors seeing me 3. it was cold

First snow in 2009

but of course we had to let the dogs out to play in it:

First snow in 2009

Note: Freeland's first of many morning's shoveling snow outside.

First snow in 2009

Note: The dogs first of many morning getting snow thrown on them.

First snow in 2009

they had a blast getting to play in the snow

First snow in 2009

and getting to eat it.

First snow in 2009

We ran out Sunday morning and did our christmas card pictures. It was chaotic because there really wasnt that much snow then & we were trying to hurry. We went ahead and printed them that day too. Apparently we should have just been patient because its only 2 days later and we could have had MUCH better pictures now! Tis life!

I love that I can see the snow from my office now (and I love that I have a heater in here with me too because all these windows make it FREEZING in here!)


  1. LOVE the snow. I am jealous. Happy snow day (and many to come!) and MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

    PS - I'm honored to be listed on your little bloggie list over there to the right :)

  2. Ok well I missed the recommendations post but I'll throw it in late.

    The two can't live without items for me, three kids later are:

    Chicco umbrella stroller. Around $60 but best stroller I've ever had. And I've had four.

    Dr. Browns bottles. Switched to these with # 3 and saved my life. And the baby's.

    Baby Bjorn carrier. Or just any carrier/sling in case he is a fussy baby. They run in our family :( I don't think Freeland was a bad baby though, so maybe you're not doomed.

    I'll keep thinking :)