Sunday, December 20, 2009

THE To Do List

Lets kick off the "nesting" stage of this thing. Shall we?

Here is THE list of things to be done (so far)

in no particular order:

clean & paint the mudroom
possibly change the wallpaper in the mudroom
paint basement walls
make our gingerbread house
decorate basement & get rugs for office area
repaint the sink next to the laundry in basement
sew some onesies
find a bunch of ultra fabulous beanies for the baby
paint the dresser in the attic
finish everyone's pictures (and actually send them out)
move office & set up guest bedroom
repaint all the (dirty) trim around the house & doors
get carpet cleaned
paint fixtures?
paint & bring in the wine cabinet
organize basement/laundry area
pick out baby bedding
deep clean the bathroom
clean the stairs / repaint exposed wood
get shoe rack for front closet
get rug for entry walkway
clean up all the clutter/junk around the house (the hidden junk)
re-caulk the bathroom
re-caulk the doors around house
hang pictures
send out Christmas cards
fix paint in living room (where Brooke did a horrible job taping)
Clean oven & stove top
clean behind stove & fridge (gross)
bake christmas cookies & lots of treats
make cheese fondue
finish the registry

find drawer liners
paint baby dresser & bedroom
paint the piano
get prints for the baby room walls
write thank you notes
make bows for Christmas gift boxes
fix paint in the office
find bedding for guest bed (preferably for under $30!)
find lamps for basement
clean out my email box (from 1000+ emails to 0)
organize hallway closet upstairs
send gift boxes to Africa
sleep, sleep, and sleep even longer & then take a nap
oh and we cant forget to pick out a name for this little dude!

*lets hope we dont keep finding things to add to it. Although I know we will.
*If I could add rip up the carpet and refinish wood floors that would be the only thing on my list that I cared about. Oh and I would change the living room paint from green to a light blue.
*I couldnt be more thankful that Freeland is a "to do list" type of guy right now & that he has off school for 2 weeks! (sadly, its also his last christmas break EVER but lets not mention that to him. mmmk?)
*update: Ive already added 2 more things to the list


  1. Please please please please please please pleeeeeease let me know how I can help you Brooke. I'm serious about this and would love to help you guys out in any way I can since I have the time. =)

  2. Did I mention I love to organize and it's much easier to do it at someone else's house than my own.

  3. I mean, seriously...just nap. And sleep. All those other things you can do later. The napping and sleeping, not so much...for a while, at least.

  4. We crossed one of those off your list last night!! Thanks againg for your gracious hospitality!!