Monday, December 7, 2009

Registry Help

So we started looking at what to register for, what to buy, what to do etc. in order to prepare for the baby's arrival that is going to come before we know it.

and ummm lets just say its a little overwhelming.

A few things I know to get since there happen to be quite a few women around me that have done this before. And a few things our friends, The Jennings, have graciously offered to let us borrow.

But everything else we just blindly scan not knowing what we're doing.

It seems the things that we are the most lost about are:

the stroller
the car seat
ummm everything.. like bottles, pacifiers, monitors, pack n plays, bouncers .. you name it.

My question is what do yall recommend?

Is there anything you have found that you cant live without?
Anything you wish you had done differently?
Anything all your friends have & love?

Any & all advice is welcome.


  1. we can't live without the swing or bouncer...we have a fisher price cradle swing and fisher price bouncer. we borrowed the fp swing bc we had a graco swing but it didn't recline enough when he was little...he loves that one now though.
    if i had to do it all over i would have gotten a video monitor instead of a sound monitor.
    if you are nursing then you definitely need a double electric pump if you want to go anywhere without your baby! i bought one at a garage sale for $ leche leaguers would be gasping right now...
    i now realize that we could have bought more used stuff (swing, bouncer, monitor, clothes)...but the one thing i kept reading was that the two things you really need to buy new are a carseat and a crib, due to newer safety regulations. we have the chicco cortina stroller system in green and gray...noah seems to love it and i love how sturdy it is and easy to use!
    also, noah won't take a pacifier; we tried three different kinds, so don't buy too many of those because your baby will choose which type he likes! i also borrowed avent bottles from a friend and just sterilized all of them...although we rarely use a bottle! one mroe thing, the baby k'tan (also moby wrap is similar) is a sling that you can hold your baby in 8 different is more sturdy to me than a baby bjorn and better for the baby's spine! i'll let you know if i think of anything else!

  2. Hi! I am a baylor girl and stumbled upon your blog and love it! Congrats on the bambino on the way. Girl- all I can say is get a swing! All the other stuff you really don't need as much as the swing!!!! And the other thing i learned- get Dr. Brown's bottles to help with gas. Also, I wanted to get a super cute trendy car seat and got the peg perego...but it sits too upright for a wee I ended up getting the graco snugrider and loved it so much more-and it is half the cost at that. So that was an expensive lesson learned! Also, I used my baby carrier a lot more than the stroller just b/c my baby hated the stroller. (so until you figure out how much you will use a stroller- just get the snap and go to put the carseat on! I got a belle baby carrier - and trust me I tried out and returned about a zillion carriers before I found this one. MUCH more comfortable than a bjorn I think. Oh, one more piece of advice- this was my bible- get it and read it! It gives the best consumer reviews on products- it is my favorite baby gift to give people:
    Email me if you want to see my blog- it is private.

  3. Unfortunately, I myself am no help! But fortunately, my friend Kim is a former baby product buyer and has tons of great ideas. Here is a link to a few posts about strollers:

    There is also a place to e-mail her and she would be glad to answer more in depth questions for you.

    Best of luck!

  4. Hey Brooke!

    For Rhett, I used a handheld pump (Medela) and it was great. He was a great nurser, and I only needed to pump on occasion. I don't think you need an electric one unless you plan on pumping a lot. With Hudson, I needed to buy the Medela double pumper because he never quite got the hang of nursing the old-fashioned way. So, I guess, my advice is don't spend the big bucks until you need to, because you might not need to.

    Also, my favorite bottles are the Gerber BPA Free Clear View -- they are cheap (3 bottles for 4 bucks!!!), BPA free, and they interchange with Medela stuff. So you can hook the bottles to the pumper, used Medela lids on them and store them.

    Other baby equipment I've loved:
    -Bumbo seat with tray
    -rainforest swing that plugs in -- if you guys decide to register for a swing, be sure and find one that plugs into the wall, otherwise you'll be buying batteries a lot.

    Have fun registering!

  5. i echo most of what Lauren says. Swings and bouncers and play mats are great. We have the sweet peace graco swing which is great b/c it is ELECTRIC not battery powered. Saves you money on having to go out and buy batteries every other second. Also, for us in the first few weeks, swaddler blankets were a MUST. (kiddopatamus has a good one that is made for swaddling but really any blanket will do)Davis didnt want to sleep unless he was snuggled tight. When you get a stroller/car seat you want to get a "travel system." They make it where the car seat fits on top of the stroller. If you search "travel system" on babiesrus, it should come up with all the different brands. Ok, then, especially b/c you live somewhere it is cold, you probably want something to cover your car seat with. It is breathable but doesnt allow the weather elements to get to your baby, saving them from countless ear infections, colds, etc. They fit over any kind and brand of car seat. Go to and search "fleece car seat cover" and you will see what i am talking about. For SURE get a double electric pump if you plan to breastfeed. Every brand is about the same, none are any better. NO need to spend tons of money. I got the playtex brand and i love it. It is about $80. i dont use my bottle warmer, or auto bottle warmer for that matter, but might when he is older and i am not breastfeeding anymore. someone else might be able to answer that better. LOTS of washcloths with a little boy. keep plenty at the changing table to guard from shooting pee. i KNOW there is so much more. Let me think and i will get back to you!

  6. 1.UPPABABY VISTA STROLLER!!!!!!! it rocks!
    2.dr. browns bottles
    3.nuk (orthodontic)pacifiers
    4.chicco infant carseat
    5.graco sweetpeace swing
    6.spirit baby bjorn
    7.mrs. meyers body/hair shampoo and detergent in the baby blossom scent

  7. 8. Summer video monitor--can't believe i left that off my list above. obsessed.

  8. We can't live without swaddle blankets. Our little girl is a bit crazy with her arms and legs and would constantly wake herself up. I agree that the kidopottamus swaddles are great. We had a couple from target that she could break out of, but never that kind! My advice though is if you don't need 'em, don't use 'em! I'm not sure we'll ever get her to sleep without one now! They are a life saver though!

    We use avent bottles and I wouldn't recommend them. They are so hard to get shut just perfectly so that they don't leak!

    Video monitor - for sure! Best money you (or your gift giver) will ever spend!

    Gripe water... The best kept secret :)

  9. We are registering in a few weeks and are planning to register for the Chicco stroller travel system. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this and can't wait to register for it!!!! It is a full sized stroller for when they are a bit older (few months old) but when they are babies, the car seat snaps in and voila! Very easy to use, and super cute. Plus, the travel system comes with the stroller, the car seat, and one base.

  10. We have the Peg Perego car seat + Peg Perego Aria Stroller. All of their car seats and strollers combine to create a travel system. The stroller is extremely agile and easy to steer.
    Claire loves her Fisher Price Little Lamb swing. Wish it didn't take batteries though, but we've dealt with it :) Definitely buy a play mat/activity gym, we didn't and bought one later. It's been wonderful!
    We also have the Summer Video MOnitor and I couldn't live without it. It's so nice to be able to see if she's just rustling and will go back to sleep, so I don't run in there if I hear her. We also have the Angel Care sensor monitor. I am a super freak.
    For pacifiers, we use the Soothie (most hospitals will give it to you) It's the only one she would take. We also invested in a Wubbanub (google it) because her paci would fall out of her mouth. Now I don't know which she loves more, the paci or the animal attached to it.

  11. ps. we opted for a stroller that was not a travel system. the travel systems are SO bulky to use with the infant carseat (and without in my opinion) and with the UppaBaby, you can get the carseat adapter so that you just use the frame and the infant seat snaps on...just like the snap n go frame but that way you don't have to have the snap n go separately. does that make sense? plus, it's much cooler than the travel systems ;-)

  12. A couple of things we loved: the swaddler blanket, nail clippers with a light on the end, Baby K'Tan sling.

    And the last thing is something that we don't have but I WISH I had. It is the Evenflo Exersaucer 3 in 1. It is expensive but if you get this, you can use it SO much longer than buying the products separately. It can be used as a play mat with hanging toys when the baby is young, an exersaucer when he is a bit bigger, and an activity table when he is walking with furniture. Way better than what we did - buy the activity mat ($60), the jumper ($80) and the play table ($50) separately.

    Also, if you think you're going to breastfeed or pump, start by just having a couple of the bottles that go WITH your pump. You can always get more later if you bottle feed but I never used any of my Dr. Brown bottles.

  13. P.S. Ditto what Danielle said about Chicco car seat. We bought the Graco and returned it after comparing it to the Chicco...SO easy to use and make sure it is nice and tight. It was much sturdier than the Graco too. (Long story but we bought both and assembled and played with them cause the Graco was a lot cheaper.)

  14. What about the Bumbo seat? I had it for both my kiddies and they loved it. Of course, it is to use when baby is a few months older. It does make a nice registry gift, I believe. That way you will have one on hand when he's ready!

  15. Keep in mind also that you don't need to "stock the shelves" with tons of baby stuff before he arrives. I found that I was able to run out and get anything I needed after my baby was born! Of course, you need things to get started but its also fun to go shopping once he gets here. Best of everything to you! You both will make great parents.

  16. MOBY WRAP! Also, Aden and Anias muslin blankets are fabulous for just about everything. And Craigslist is great for baby stuff because you use it for such a short period of time, so you can find some really great deals on practically new stuff! Good luck!

  17. One of my coworkers let me borrow a book called Baby Bargains (you can get it at Barnes and Noble) that had REALLY good info in it. It rates everything you could possibly need for baby according to newest safety regulations, etc. It really helped me narrow down my focus for our registry and introduced me to products I might not have chosen at first glance. You should definitely check it out!

  18. I'm going to be in the minority about the stroller but we had the chicco travel system with Jack and I didn't like it. Too bulky especially after he grew out of the carrier. We just did the snap and go with jacob and loved it. I would recommend a maclaren stroller once your son gets too big for the carrier. Then when you have more kids you can still use your snap n go (we had to sell our chicco stroller because we had no use for it after jacob came). We have a peg perego carrier for jacob but it's not as comfortable as the graco or chicco.
    the only thing i would recommend about the pump is...whichever one you get DO NOT take it out of the box until you are sure you're going to use it. I took mine out to get ready for jacob but he ended up being lactose intolerant and couldn't nurse so I was out lots of cash!
    Good luck!

    oh and dr. brown's worked great for both my kiddos.

  19. I don't have kids of my own yet, but one thing I've learned from being an aunt is to make sure whatever stroller you choose, you can push comfortably without stepping on the wheels. We bought one used from friends to keep at our house for my nephew and the back wheels are just a little too close together. I've lost track of how many times I've stepped on them if I get a good pace going - can really kill the ankles!

  20. It's totally overwhelming, huh?! I remember when Justin and I walked in to Babies R Us to register, we were baffled. We walked out an hour later without adding more than 5 things because we were so confused. After having two kids already, I put together a list of must-haves and can-live-withouts that I forward on to my friends whenever they ask for suggestions. If you want it, let me know. I can't remember where I put your email address. I think it's on my other computer. If I find it, I'll forward it to you. Though no doubt you've already received plenty of advice/suggestions.

  21. I LOVE the Chicco travel systems and pack n play. I think they are great! :) Also--definitely get the double pump, but I agree with Jerica. Just don't take it out until you're sure you're going to use it. (Those things are like $300! Yipes! It is 100% worth it if you nurse though! I promise!)

    Our monitor is something we can't live without. We got the angel monitors that will beep if your baby doesn't move within 10 seconds. It's supposed to prevent SIDS. I'm sure it's not 100% perfect, but it definitely gave us some peace of mind. I love that thing!

  22. We are getting ready for #2 in a few weeks & let's say we have learned a few things the hard way, however, I was blessed to have a friend pass on her 'honest' spreadsheet of must have's complete with feedback and such to which I have added my own to. I have it I can e-mail to you if you like. It was a good resource for what you really need to have for day 1 at home and in the diaper bag... e-mail me at if you are interested. Like I said, she was way orgnaized and it helped. My one biggie----invest in a good diaper bag that can be a sholder strap AND a backpack-you will learn really fast that you need 2 hands and hanging it from whatever stroller isn't exactly that convienent.

  23. i'm learning that you really don't need much :)

    i started by going on and typing in a particular baby item and then on the left side of the screen is something called LISTMANIA where other new mothers have made lists of must haves and offer their thoughts.

    i was so lost at first and now i am relieved as i have learned we don't need everything or even a lot of 'stuff'.

    and i got my questions about all that fancy baby bedding answered- unneeded!

    we are opting for a pack in play as the crib. easy to move, serves the purpose and can travel.

    if we were going to or able to get a new crib we would get one of the 3 or 4-in-one cribs that convert to different sizes as your child grows.

    so from my reading and on my own list is,

    pack in play
    blankets to swaddle
    activity blanket
    bumbo seat thing for later
    basic snap stroller for the car seat
    instead of an actual highchair; Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

    this is where i am at thus far.

    hope it helps

  24. GOOD GRIEF!!!We didn't have even a small fraction of this stuff-and somehow raised 3 babies. What you need is two arms and a heart full of love---that just about covers it!

  25. one more plug for my stroller, yes i love it that much, you can attach a seat to it when you have baby #2 so that it becomes a double stroller. so awesome. google it! UppaBaby Vista.

  26. whoa!!!!!!!! Yall are SOOOOOO helpful! Thank you for all your advice/recommendations! I wrote it all down & googled all of it!! I really appreciate it!!

  27. Wow! You've gotten a lot of good advice. A couple things I love:
    1. Fisher Price Lamb swing-Lee lived in it for probably the 1st 3 months...only place he would sleep.
    2. Graco carseat-safe and cheap
    3. Snap and go stroller-great for quick outings and not as bulky as some others
    4. BOB Stroller- LOVE it! Great for walking and jogging and the carseat snaps into it too if you buy the bar for it
    5. Boppy Bouncy seat-perfect for keeping the nugget secure and occupied.
    6. Praise Baby DVD's-Lee LOVES these! He will still sit and watch them.
    I'm sure there are a ton of other things, but this is what comes to mind first. Good luck!!

  28. I am a friend of Bethany G.''ve already gotten great input from others, but after owning a ton of strollers with my 3 kiddos...I would register for a Maclaren stroller in addition to your travel system. I LOVE ours.....we've owned gracos, peg peregos, jogging strollers, etc....and the maclaren is my fave by far. My 3rd child started using it around 4 months and my older kids (who are 5 and 7 yrs old) can still even fit in it....they are small for their age, but you will still be able to use it for a long time. It is amazingly easy to move around tight corners etc. I love Peg Perego highchairs and there is a booster seat from Land of Nod called the "grow up booster" that I LOVE for when they outgrow the highchair. Also when you need the next stage carseat (after the infant carrier) the Britax carseats are AMAZING. Highest safety ratings, and hold up great...definitely worth the extra money. Many blessings to you guys as you become parents! Happy shopping!

    Jenny C.

  29. I don't know if others have mentioned this, but when you go to pick out your car seat and stroller, play with them. I put 10lb. bags of something in the car seat and walked around BabiesRUs with it to see how it would fee lugging the little one around.

    Also, make sure that you can open and shut the stroller one-handed, because you will inevitably have the little one in your arms.

    Get a pack-n-play with the bassinet, so much easier than a crib, bassinet, and pack-n-play separate.

    I didn't breastfeed, so we love and use the Playtex Advent Air bottles. Get the bottle basket for the dishwasher--everything in one place, so no digging in the bottom!

    Echoing what others have said, don't get TOO much before he arrives. He might not like something (our little one HATED her bouncer, so it just sat there). And, once he arrives, you'll quickly figure out what you need.

  30. I'm not a mom but friends of mine that are swear by the book The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide:

    Hope that helps!

  31. Well, I will say with Charlie we got everything because Babies R Us said we needed it all, with Ellie we got rid of half of it, and we Malachi we got rid of a half of the half that was left :) So I will tell you what we used with Malachi: crib/bedding, swing, Beaba baby food Maker, Born Free bottles, pacifiers, pack and play, and one of those bouncy seats. Have fun registering it is the last time you will get to do it :(

  32. Oh, and a good baby carrier I recommend ERGO and a good stroller!

  33. my advice is to test out strollers at the store. some are so hard to open and close. My husband and I really liked the Chicco stroller and car seat system. good luck!

    Friend of Emily Smith ;o)
    just so you don't think I'm a crazy person reading your blog. ha!