Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how did this happen?

Seriously, slooooooooooow down. (but kind of hurry up at the same time)

I opened my little What To Expect tracker on my phone today.

And this is what I saw:


"Youre two-thirds of the way through" ... starting today!

Again, Como What?

I feel like Im still in my first trimester. This is flying by. We have an appointment tomorrow so Im sure I will have more updates then. They havent said anything about the glucose testing (because it was too early) but Im sure we will find out about that tomorrow (yippee - not). I still feel good. I did have some killer back pain that lasted about 2 weeks (at which point I thought if I had to endure 3 more months of the pain I wouldnt make it) Freeland kindly worked on my back each night with his mad skills and the last 3 days the pain has been gone! HALLELUJAH!!

And we are getting closer & closer to having the baby room done. Over Christmas it should be completed. (because thats the only time Freeland has off) I dont think I ever mentioned that we ended up picking this bedding:

Imagine this without all the fun accessories, the beautiful wood floors, blue walls, gorgeous blanket/quilt & the AH-MAZING moses basket... then thats our room

we picked this one because of the exact reason I figured we would - it was the cheapest! On a serious clearance sale. OH AND we found a crib on clearance too! Which I couldnt be more thrilled about. This room is coming together & without us breaking the bank or feeling guilty that a baby's bedding cost more than ours! Im not going to make the entire room blue. (like above) I want to bring in some other colors or just leave it however it turns out. We'll see.

Okay, here's to being two thirds of the way through! I will post some tummy pictures of little TUMKIN (thanks david B. for the nickname) soon.


  1. 2/3rds done! Wow-whee! He'll be coming round the mountain soon!

  2. Congrats on being 2/3rds done! I love the baby bedding too. We get to find out the sex Dec.30th. I was so sad I had to wait after Christmas! Dude, my pelvis; way down, is having pain today. Is that normal?! sheesh

  3. It is amazing how fast it all goes. I'm having similar emotions myself. I turned 29 weeks today and I feel like I'm having heart palpitations becuase one week from today I'll be in the 30s.!!!!

    I love the bedding colors. I might be more drawn to it though becuase we decided to name our baby girl Chloe, so I keep seeing that on the quilt in the picture and thinking how awesome it is :) We are going with pinks and oranges though. hah!

    congrats on 26 weeks :)

  4. So I'm totally a blog stalker and found yours through Allison. Where did you find the bedding? I LOVE it! I'm due about a week after you.