Saturday, December 5, 2009

breaking news & sensitive exams

First of all .. I just took the dogs out & what did my eyes just happen to see you ask??


I mean its already snowing all over Texas - its about time it snows at our house in Pennsylvania!

And just to explain - it has actually already snowed in Erie. But it just hasnt snowed at our house yet because we live ON the lake now. But if you live 5 minutes away from our house/the lake - it has snowed. (lake effect snow does this apparently) Its been a big shock to me this year.

Second of all Today is a big day for Freeland in his medical journey.

Today he is doing his SPEC exam.

SPEC meaning - Sensitive Patient Exam Commitment .. meaning he is getting graded on giving pelvic exams. To actual people. Both male and female. Yowzers

He has to be up there from 7:30am to 2:00pm today. (Thats a lot of hours doing pelvic exams.) Those poor people that volunteer for this! (although they do get paid very well) I just think its bad enough having an experienced doctor do it - so I cant imagine it being that awesome having a medical student practice on you.

Strange to know your husband is going to be doing these things all day AND be okay with it.

But hopefully he will get home soon so we can enjoy the snow together. (and hopefully it will stick so we can attempt to take our Christmas card picture.. if not Im not sure we will be sending them out this year!)


  1. I know how you felt about the snow! We were out Christmas shopping and I was SO excited! Keep it comin'!

  2. people actually-SERIOUSLY- volunteer for that???

  3. Ha, I was hoping the snow would stick here too, otherwise I don't know if we'll be sending out christmas cards either...but I think you should :) just send one of your belly:) and tell Freeland I hope he passed his exams.. yowzers is right!

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  5. I remember when Bill had to do that exam. We had many laughs. Hope he did well though! Lovin the snow!

  6. Yay for snow! It's freezing in Texas, and several places are getting snow, even Houston, but not us in Ft. Worth! :( When they did their SPEC exams, Colby was the first person in his class, on the first day, at the first time to have to do them. What luck! Geez, first of 180 people! Oh well, one more thing off the training list and I don't care how much they paid me, I would never volunteer! Colby says they do make quite a bit of money though to be the standardized patients.

  7. Jess Vogelaar (also known by a certain nickname thanks to Freeland in Africa ;))Monday, December 14, 2009 8:23:00 PM

    I know what Freeland had to go through! We had to do pelvics and male exams the week we came back from Thanksgiving. Like everyone else has said, it's hard to believe that people volunteer to be patients but they are incredible people to do such a thing. The lady I had actually volunteered to be a standardized patient all 3 days our class did pelvics. She said she was glad to volunteer because it gave her and her family extra money for Christmas. Amazing woman right there. I hope life is going well up there for both of you! Hopefully you're enjoying pregnancy (by the sounds of it that's true!)and that Freeland is enjoying his last year of classroom work. Tell him hi from me. Have a great Christmas!