Thursday, December 3, 2009

the baby bedding

Okay, so I am fully aware in the end the baby bedding really doesn't matter. And Im also at the point that I really dont care what we pick.

So please dont think this is anything Im stressed out about or obsessing over.

Just know that when it comes to scanning the Internet I just happen to save LOTS of pictures that I like. (ask anyone about "the wedding" folder I had saved on my computer with hundreds of pictures) Half of these I dont even remember where I saw them (so if they are yours - im sorry Im posting them without permission - and I love your taste)

Anyway, this is because our family keeps asking what we are looking at & if we have made a decision.

I always knew I would use blue in the room (before we knew if it was a girl or boy) so all of these have some sort of blue in them.

Here was my original first pick:

problem is - its discontinued. And the only ones available (even on ebay) are in the oval shaped crib which we will not be doing.

Then there was this one:

its my friend, Brooke Leddy's baby bedding. cute huh??

And then I discovered this:

its Kate's baby bedding - THAT SHE MADE HERSELF! (adorable huh????)

she graciously told me how to make it & where she picked everything out at. But I sadly cant find it and I know if I start sorting through fabric trying to find different ones that I like - well then we wont have baby bedding until our child is 2.

SO back to the drawing board. I had these pictures saved of baby rooms and Freeland likes them too:


this is one of my FAVORITES - especially because the crib is the same crib I had when I was a baby. I LOOOVE this crib. (but we are doing a different one just for more practical reasons) I also have a rocking chair that looks just like that one from when I was a baby.

probably too much white with all our animals

annette tatum brocade pearl
notice a theme here?? (the crib)

this is Freeland's favorite

one of my other favorites.. except its girls bedding. (the red is actually pink or else I would do it!)

We want to do something that could be used for either a girl or boy so we dont have to buy all new stuff when we have another baby. Like I said before - I always knew I would use some sort of blue (favorite color) so...

then yesterday I found these - and for simplicity sake - we may just end up doing one of these.



I'll keep you posted. Hopefully we will have a decision made by the end of the week. And thankfully neither of us really care either way so we'll probably go for the most affordable one in the end.



    try this website.

  2. I love all the bedding and pics. They are all so cute :) I feel the same way about wanting to use blue. When Todd and I decide to have kids I want to use some kind of blue too.


    This flickr site makes me want a house with a thousand rooms that I can decorate as nurseries. Jury is out on the thousand babies part.

    Love your picks so far!

  4. KATE!!! Thats brilliant - now I will have SO many more rooms to show Freeland for ideas! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the yellow/white bedding and the bottom two photos. Really, all of them are cute and I'm sure that whatever you two decide on it will be lovely.

    Unrelated note: where did you find your recipe for the turkey brine? Hubby and I didn't get to eat much turkey last weekend so we picked up a super cheap turkey at the store tonight and would like to try your brine recipe this weekend?


  6. those are all so cute! and if you want to create your own...i suggest you use

    i picked out my own for hank's room :-) SO EASY and SO CUTE!

  7. and yes, i did gender neutral too! orange and olive green and ecru :-)

  8. Thanks for the brine recipe link! Would you mine scanning and emailing me the copy from your cookbook? That would be most helpful!

    GershwinDrive @ gmail . com

  9. love the restoration hardware baby stuff! all of the pics are very cute though:) decisions decisions..

  10. so so so so cute!! love them all! lots of bambinos to run around!

  11. So we don't know each other and I hate admitting to blog stalking, but that is what i am. Actually I did go to baylor with ya'll and we may have met back then but i know austin evans and read their blog and therefor discovered yours.
    I finally had to admit to it b/c i couldn't resist telling you about this website: (if you don't already know about it, disclaimer you must have hours of free time in order to go on b/c it sucks you in!) But you can drag and drop fabrics onto a blank crib and mix and match colors and fabrics. Its pretty pricey but it is where I came up with many (many many many) ideas for our babies room. (we are also having a boy, our first child, he is due in february)
    Enjoy your journey to motherhood, it is so special, thanks for blogging i definately like hearing about other mommies and mommies-to-be!
    sincerely, fellow baylor bear, charlotte campbell

  12. Brooke you have such great taste, I'm sure whatever you pick out will be wonderful.

  13. all very very cute! To encourage you to go ahead with what you like even if it's a theme you're not sure all kids (in the future,) will like...

    We did Ty's room in airplane stuff. He cares nothing about airplanes. Nothing. He likes music and drums in particular. So what are we doing with the airplane rug/sheets/pictures?

    Giving them to his sister, who is obsessed with airplanes. Yes, it's not a girly looking room but she LOVES it.

    You just never know!

    All of those are very cute!

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  15. Wonderful pics here, I'm getting some baby bedding soon that looks similar to one of these.

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