Saturday, November 7, 2009

the view outside


this was the view outside our house early one morning the other day. Its not our tree.. its our neighbors. But we get to enjoy it. (since that's actually our driveway and part of our yard all the leaves fall on) And for that Im thankful. Because Im pretty sure I love it.

Last Sunday as we pulled in from church we saw all our neighbors raking leaves outside. I was a little sad because I see no reason to do that since they are so pretty on the ground too. But apparently its not good for the grass so everyone does it. To our surprise our other neighbor and the 2 boys next door had raked all our leaves for us too. (Like they seriously even did our flowerbeds.)

Huge Blessing! We were blown away.

I'll post more pictures of all the tree's around here soon. They're gorgeous!


  1. Can I ask what kind of camera you have? Your pictures are always stunning.

  2. That picture is gorgeous.

    I must admit I'm jealous, we don't have a tree to lose it's leaves on our lawn. And even if we did, Fall never happened in my city - it went from Summer straight to Winter.

  3. Beautiful.

    {Huge congrats on baby boy! You will love being a mama!}