Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the tummy pictures

Today I'm starting week 21. Which means 20 weeks down - 20 more to go. We're halfway there!

In honor of today being the exact half way point in this little journey.. (also per your request and for my family) here are a few pictures of my tummy along the way.

Sorry they are scattered. Im in the process of moving all our pictures & cleaning out our computer so Im missing quite a few. It also seems to be harder to remember to take pictures than I thought it would be.

Here they are starting at week 10:

10 weeks

13 weeks

15 weeks

week 20

Those were all taken right before bed every night. Turns out I dont like to have pictures taken of myself. And yes, I wear those black pants ALL the time now. They are really the only comfortable thing I have these days that arent PJ's.

I will also say this: I am MUCH larger now. It seems like in just the last week the tum tum just keeps popping out more & more everyday. Yesterday I was talking to Freeland & happened to glance at the mirror and didnt recognize myself. It was strange. At our last appointment the doctor told me he expected me (my weight & stomach) to "jump" by my next appointment and the way things are going it seems he was right.

And on Sunday I had the first stranger ask me if I was expecting. Freeland begged me to say no when someone asks in the future.. but this was at church so I just couldn't do that to her.

Cant believe we're already half way through!! Its going by so slow & so fast at the same time.


  1. I'm impressed your wedding ring still fits. I'm not even pregnant and mine doesn't fit anymore. I had to get it sized! HA! Very exciting to see the progress. You, Freeland, and your little bean pod are in our prayers.

    P.S. LOVE the puppies in the picture with you. Our dog leans on us the same way.

  2. Love the pictures! I just finished uploading mine today. I can't seem to remember to take weekly ones either. Oh well! Half way there must be a great feeling. Have to found any boy names you like yet?

  3. I HEART the first picture where your sweet pup is laughing ... or barking ... or yawning ... I can't tell, but he/she is very animated in that picture. You are too cute with your preggo self. I love your blog :0)

  4. You look great. Hope you are feeling great too. Did you do anything fun on your day off?? :)

  5. I hate having my picture taken too. You look great!

  6. Cuteness! That's hilarious about the lady asking you! I wish I was there to give you a big hug!! Miss you!

  7. Answering, "No, I'm just fat," to the expecting question is awesome. I loved to watch people's faces morph and melt as the cogs in their brains broke regarding what to say next.

    I'm with Free. Answering "no" will plunge you into an amazing social experiment.

  8. You are precious!! It's only going to get more fun & exciting from here on out!! :)

  9. Wait til people you don't know want to pat your tummy. Complete strangers will think it's ok to touch you. At first I was horrified but I got used to it by month 9.

  10. Love the pictures! I've been uploading my belly pictures to my facebook, and I take my pictures with my head cut off. haha. You looked like you were showing more at 13 weeks, than I am right now! Booo. Im waiting to pooch out more!

  11. Whatever you did worked...I can look at your blog again. Yea! Love the belly pics too! You look great. You will definitely start to see a big change now, it happened to me around 24 wks or so. All of the sudden the belly is really pronounced :-) Can't wait to see more!

  12. I just happened across your blog this morning. You look great -- what an exciting time! My sister is pregnant now, so I get to enjoy her journey too! And, wow, your dogs are huge! I wish my husband would let me get dogs that big :0) God bless on the rest of your pregnancy!