Thursday, November 19, 2009

timing ..

timing really is a crazy thing.

looking back it really is incredible how the Lord planned all of this out for us.

we never would have thought we would be starting a family right now.

we never would have thought we would be starting a family for a few more years.

Andrew in Africa

but if I think about even just the 2 months before we found out I was pregnant - I can clearly see the Lord working and preparing us & our life for what He had planned.

Africa was a huge part of this for us. (on top of so many other incredible things

I think I always had the desire to have a family & lots of little children running around one day.

But something about our trip changed that desire from my own desire to more of a vision of the Lord's desire for us. More of something deep deep down. Like as if I knew the Lord placed it there or awoke something in both of our hearts & it wasn't our doing. Does that make sense?

Andrew in Africa
(at the orphanage in Uganda)

I will never forget how so many things didnt make sense at the time that were happening to us. (both good & bad things) But the day we found out I was pregnant it all started to make sense. And for that Im so thankful.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

And its also exciting to know that every one's story is different.. and that it will always look different for each person, couple, and family. That desire, the timing, & the way everything works out will always be different. And I truly am thankful its not always the way we imagined it or plan it because I think it turns out to be much better than we imagined this way.


  1. Just have to say I love how you share your heart in your blog! Someday we need to meet in real life! love ya!

  2. My sister in law told me that God laughs at people with plans! He surely laughed at my husband and I cause our surprise comin' at the end of March was not the plan. But like you we feel very blessed. Guess God laughed at you guys too? lol