Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Snap!

originally uploaded by sarah lasker. (not my lens)
Here is the scoop on our Camera ….. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH SNAP!

One of the most common questions I get asked (just kidding - I was trying to sound like people are just always banging down my door asking me questions like I'm Pioneer Woman or something)

But really. A few of you have asked about the kind of camera we use. (some I probably forgot to answer too.. I'm sorry if that was you. I'm forgetful and unless Freeland reminds me then it often doesn’t get done)

So I thought I would compile all the information for you in one post. Hopefully it helps.

We are a Canon family. When we started dating I had a Canon SLR (it was a FILM camera.. How vintage of me right?) and Freeland had a digital Canon Rebel. (trendy)

That’s how I knew we were meant to be. Just Kidding - it was really when he pretty much let me take his camera and never give it back. That’s when I knew he understood "what's yours is mine" and we were meant to be. Just Kidding again.

And from the beginning (like seriously our 2nd date when he took me to take pictures.) Freeland has encouraged me to take the camera every where and to take as many pictures as possible to try to learn more.

Well a few years later (and a few external hardrives later) and I wouldn’t say that I'm an expert or that I know anything but I do still enjoy taking pictures just as much if not more. I told Freeland when we moved up here that I wanted photography to become more of a serious hobby. Like actually learning what Im doing instead of clicking away.

I don’t know why I started telling you the story of our cameras. Sorry.

Let me answer the question: what kind of camera do we have?

We have a Canon EOS digital Camera. I highly recommend any of the Canon cameras. The rebel is a great one to start out with. Especially if you are learning. (like me)

The lens we have is the one that came with the camera. Freeland does also have a zoom lens but I barely ever use it because I forget to bring it with me. One day I would love to get more lenses. (freeland says the lens is what makes all the difference) but for the time being it’s the last thing that is "a need"

And if you aren't getting the trend here - Freeland is actually the one who knows more about these things so really he should be writing this.

We do have friends that have Nikon's and love them just as much.

We also have a Sony Cybershot. (this is the one I carry around in my purse) You may remember our devastating camping trip where "someone" put it in an unzipped pocket and it fell into creek & was ruined. But then we remembered that my dad bought a warranty on it (even though Dave Ramsey says not to get the warranty - moments like this make me strongly disagree with him) Because the warranty expired right after our camera was ruined. Seriously we had it for 5 years and just happened to destroy the camera days before it expired. Huge Blessing - yes. So we just took it in (to best buy) and got a brand spankin new camera - for free!

So all the pictures you see on our blog are either taken with a Canon or the Sony Cybershot.

I try not to use my flash. Ever. Of course I do use it at times but I really think the pictures are better without it. It also forces me to learn more about the settings if I don’t use the flash.

(amy to answer your question, if Im being honest, I have my camera on the automatic setting most the time but other times I switch back and forth between AV & TV)

And I also edit pictures when I have time. I do use Photoshop (thankfully Freeland's dad is a photographer and graciously gave us Photoshop a few years ago) or Iphoto or Flickr to edit pictures. It just depends what computer Im sitting at and how much time I have.

I really have no idea what Im doing in photoshop. (it’s a long scary road) But I just keep practicing. Picasa's program (the one you download onto your computer not the one online) was really good too. Unfortunately our MAC is too old so I cant download it otherwise I would also use that because I liked it.

I think that’s it.

Obviously Im no expert. Just here to answer what kind of camera we use. Don’t ask me HOW to use it though. That - I have no idea how to answer.
(thank you amy for the reminder to post this!)

**I also now use a 50mm lens in addition to the lens that came with our camera. Its been great to learn on & I love it. 

**UPDATED: A few of you have offered some wonderful advice & tips.. if anyone else has something to share feel free to in the comments! I love it & I know everyone else will find it helpful too!! Thanks! Brooke


  1. hey brooke! i LOVE your blog/your writing/your photos and I love to check in on y'all from time to time! i've commented before (very randomly, your husband went to high school with my sister-in-law in conroe), but I just wanted to say hi AND tell you the very bestest little online photog class you would LOVE (you will learn what every single setting means) is from Karen Russell. Thought I'd post it here too for others, because sometimes it's hard to find these kinds of things. I'm in the middle of it now (and I need to practice for a LOT more hours, so please don't go judge my blog photos) ... but you should try it out!! you would seriously love it.

    so happy to hear your pregnancy is going so well! :)

  2. Brooke! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I swear, I can't get over your pictures! Rob and I have a Canon Powershot G11 and some other kind of Rebel XD or something :) I have 2 AWESOME books all about photography and a HUGEEEEE photoshop book that Rob got me for my birthday last year- but I am so overwhelmed with it all.

    We have Lightroom which I think *think* Rob prefers over photoshop to edit, but again- what do I know! HA!

    I just....everytime you take a picture it looks like I could reach out and touch everything in the picture.

    I thought for sure you would have fancy schmancy stuff- but it seems like I am equipped with similar things as you....I just have no idea how to use them, LOLLLL!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I think I'm finally going to tackle my fear of photography this weekend!

  3. i'm a canon guy too. you should definitely look into getting the canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. it's around $80 or so, and it's my favorite lens. great for portraits.

    if you need a good book for learning, "understanding exposure" by bryan peterson is a great book.

  4. Im loving all the tips!!! Thanks for sharing them I know it helps everyone out!!!!

  5. You know I love this post, after all my emails asking photo questions!! See what you do for your readers? And the comments from others, so helpful!

  6. Found you in the Bride Blogger group at NaBloPoMo. Thought I'd say hi.

  7. You're pics are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  8. Your pics are always awesome! What kind of effects/adjustments do you use in Photoshop, etc.? Your pics look they are 3-D and just want to pop out at you! How do you do that?!