Friday, November 13, 2009

my wish list

Holy cow yall its november 13th and I havent posted my christmas wish list for the blog world to read. :)

just so everyone knows what I want this time of year:

for someone to come clean all of our windows
for our carpet to be professionally cleaned (or just replaced with wood)
for our stove top to magically clean itself (i have no idea how to get it clean.. Ive scrubbed & scrubbed and it still grosses me out)
for fresh paint all around the casa (especially the trim & doors in all the rooms)
for someone to blow dry my hair for me daily
for our basement to be finished & gorgeously organized
for a bed to fill our guest bedroom
for a fireplace

and for someone to decorate our babies room for us.

and for my prenatal vitamins to stop making me want to yarf.

and for the fall weather to stay but also snow at the same time.
and for world peace.

I have everything I need. I just want someone to make what I have better, cleaner, and more organized.

is that too much to ask? I think not.


  1. Try Barkeeper's friend for your stove top (sink, counters and pots too). It will do wonders. Make sure it is the powder kind, available at most grocery stores and bb&beyond.

    advertisement over.

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  3. Just think of all the things you REALLY won't be able to do when your belly gets big........wash your feet, paint your toes, tie your shoes or even bend over at all. Uggghhhh I am not looking forward to that. Cute post. Some days you just need a Merry Maid.

  4. I was going to leave a comment about Bar Keeper's Friend also. LOVE IT! It is amazing what that stuff does. It also cleans pots and pans wonderfully.

  5. I found your blog on Sierra Griffin's and absolutely love your enthusiasm for life! Congratulations on the wee one. I was sick the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter, but some suggested that I take my pre-natals at night. My doctor also suggested (when it was thought the the prenatals were making me sick) to just take half a pill at a time. And, then because that didn't work, I ended up on children's vitamins (at my doctor's recommendation). Some suggestions to try.