Thursday, November 5, 2009

hopefully our son never sees this

When we were on the phone with my dad telling him that he was going to have a grandson.. I explained how we saw EVERYTHING. And how I was laughing when we saw it. (I was also laughing at the words I was using to explain it to my dad.. I tend to think I can be hilarious at times.. especially using inappropriate words with my father. Don't blame me though - he does the same thing to me. That's where I learned it)

His response "let that be the last time you ever laugh at his stuff.. that's the last thing he will need growing up"


So lets hope our son never knows Im showing the rest of the world his stuff too:


having a hard time reading that? (me too)

Here you go:


Thats the proof. (although watching it during the sonogram I will tell you that you could see a lot more.. :)

And can we all just look at this sweet sweet sweet profile picture:



My heart pretty much melted at that point. (Even though he was snuggling with the placenta and I wanted to some how get him to move because Ive seen a picture of that thing before -on facebook of all places! gross- and I cant imagine its very comfortable to snuggle with!)

Thank you for all your sweet comments (on here & facebook) we're blown away.

Im almost officially at the half way point! I cant believe it!!!



  1. Such PRICELESS pictures!!! You can really tell what he's going to look like! :) And, YAYYY that it's a boy! There is nothing sweeter,,,trust me!!! :) Congratulations!

  2. Wow you CAN really tell what he's gonna look like! That's amazing--He looks so cozy in there with his "blankie" I'm kinda jealous about the's like 80 degrees here.

    I agree about the boy part--if he is your only child then you'll have a son to carry on the name...and if you have other kids they will always have a Big Brother!

  3. That picture is so clear! Wow! How cute, he's going to be an amazing person, Brooke. I can't wait to meet him!! Can we all vote on names now?? I heart you!!

  4. Wow! You got lucky and got some perfect ultrasound pics. He is darling already! So happy for you both. I have a 4 yr old son and it goes by SO fast. I must tell you that even with all the hard work its going to take, being a parent is wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  5. I've never had the privilege of having a son. My daughter was one of God's miracles - totally unexpected after years of fertility treatments. It goes by so fast. Record every milestone so you can look back in wonder at the joy He has given you.

  6. Yea for a boy!!! I think little boys are the best...of course I don't know any different :-) Congrats!