Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Taste Test

Okay who doesnt go to Sam's just for all the samples? (or costco whichever.. we just have sams here so thats what Im going with)


I almost dont want to go during "off hours" when I know they wont have the samples out. And my favorite is to say I need an extra one for my husband even though I know Freeland is just going to give it to me.

Well, get excited people because this weekend they are sampling all the holiday food. Excited - yes!

I just emailed Freeland the following:

"umm PS.. we are going to sams every single day this weekend to try all the food. (they offer different ones each day) I mean - not for me - for our son. I feel like it will really bless him to try all the thanksgiving samples they have."

Just sayin. I have to use it while I can dont I?

Who knows by this weekend Im sure I wont care as much. But right now Im pretty stinkin excited about our little dates to sams for samples.

PS: I wish I could tell you it was the hormones or something that caused me to write this - sadly its not.


  1. I've never actually done that, but gotta say, kind of awesome.

  2. OMG I am so glad you just posted this!!! Josh and I try to go every year and it looks like we will be there Saturday for lunch!!!!