Saturday, November 28, 2009

a christmas carol

yesterday we took David to the airport & said our goodbyes.

It was sad. We had a great time with him here.

We also got to see my entire family on Skype while they were doing their Thanksgiving dinner. I showed them the bump while they all popped in & out saying hi. It made me wish we could all be together.

Skype is wonderful.

Today we put up the rest of our Christmas decorations

we decided not to put lights up outside. Mostly because we dont have any and we dont feel like we should buy any. but we feel bad not having lights up outside.

We also went to see A Christmas Carol.

I dont know what I thought of it yet. I do know that the 3D was great. But the movie wasnt what I expected - and its definitely not a little kid movie thats for sure.

pictures tomorrow.

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  1. I love Skype! Whoever invented it is quite possibly my favorite inventor of all time! :)