Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Its official.

Freeland is registered for his first round of boards.

May 28th, 2010. (in cleveland as of now)

Just about 2 months after applejacks estimated date of arrival.

And just 1 day after my birthday! (if you are curious)

Seems we will have a lot of celebrating to do at the end of May.

(camille's birthday is also then & hello lets not forget my first mothers day is that month too!)

1 step closer .. Im incredibly proud of him.

Now let the studying begin!


  1. That is perfect timing! By that point he will be SO tired and burnt out and won't want to study anyway! And you will have lots of photo opps of him studying with his new "study buddy".

    Miss you ladies!!!

    Any closer on the boys names?

  2. Good Luck to yo' Baby Daddy! Whoo hoo!!

  3. Congrats! I didnt know your birthday was May 27th! Did I calculate right?! Mine is the 25th, my due date; maybe peanut will arrive on your birthday! My best friends is the 26th, and Blair White Mirabito's is the 28th! craziness

  4. Congrats to him!

    My friend is Melissa Dudley Tidmore- not sure what her husband's name is though! Thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon =)

  5. Hey Brooke-
    Have been blog stalking you through Camille & Adam's blog, and wanted to say congratulations on the baby! I "somewhat" knew Freeland at Baylor, in fact, we had Freshman Bio together...yikes, he's come a long way since then! Anyhow, just thought I'd comment and tell you that my husband and Freeland are in the exact same spot in school, in fact Colby just signed up for his boards today and will be taking them the week after Freeland, except he's here in school at TCOM. So we very much know what ya'll are going through in the med school journey! He got accepted to LECOM, which reading your blog makes me wonder how our life would be different if we had chose to move up there! Definitely colder! Ok, this is the longest comment of my life, but anyhow, congrats on your growing family and hopefully we will all look back at med school 10 yrs. from now and think that it "flew" by!
    Joanna :)