Friday, October 30, 2009

Telling our families the news (part 3)

Okay I will try to wrap it up in this post.

So after thinking about how to tell both our dads Freeland decided that it would mean the most to his dad to just call him and tell him himself. I was all up for doing something but I agreed .. his dad would appreciate hearing it from Freeland himself. So we called one afternoon and told him the news. He was thrilled for us and of course so supportive. (he always is!) He asked if he was allowed to tell anyone right away and then talked about how he is going to have so many grand kids now! It was a sweet moment and he encouraged Freeland by telling him he will be a great father. (I couldn't agree more)

And then there was my dad. By default, he was the last parent to find out. But its because I just happened to be going to Texas for work the next week and knew that he would prefer to be told in person. So my brother picked me up from the airport and we drove to meet my Dad & Tracy for lunch. I immediately blurted out the news in the car (because I just couldn't keep it in) to my brother that I was pregnant and told him I was about to tell Dad. He didn't believe me. Im not sure why? ha. But after telling him over and over that I was serious he finally believed me and was excited for us and Im pretty sure he was probably even more excited that he got to be there to witness me telling my dad.

I really had no idea how to tell my dad. Everything Freeland & I thought of that would be fun would take too long and I knew I couldn't wait all day and just act normal without telling them right away. So we decided that I would just tell him at lunch.

It actually worked out perfect because it happened to be his birthday later that month. So right after we sat down to eat I told him that I had his birthday gift for him since I wasn't going to be here on his actual birthday. He said okay and just kind of kept talking. So after we ordered our food I brought it up again and said "can I give you your gift now?" (I was a little eager)

So I gave him the card first. A card that said "Happy Birthday Grandpa" and inside said it was from "your grand kid" at first he just laughed and said "oh so you think Im that old huh?" and turned to show Tracy & my brother what the front of the card said. I laughed and just said "read whats in the card"

So on the inside of the card I started out by writing "no its not a joke on your age.. " and he just stopped and looked at me. SO I thought he got it but then he said "oooh so its not a joke on my age. I really am just that old?" and again he turned the card around to show everyone what it said (still oblivious to what it was ABOUT to say) and I laughed and said "keep reading"

The next line said "its not a joke on your age.. you actually are going to be a grandfather this April.."

and then he really just stopped. He looked at me (with tears in his eyes) and handed the card to Tracy so she could see what was going on. She immediately started crying and jumped up from the table to give me a hug and celebrate. It was sweet.

But I actually wrote a novel in the card so my dad had to pick the card back up and keep reading it. So 5 minutes later after the card was read by everyone we all celebrated again.

It was a lot of fun telling him. Especially since he kept laughing at what he thought was a joke the whole time.

BUT THE MOST HILARIOUS PART was actually when I went to meet him at the front of the restaurant though. Since my brother & I got there first we were already sitting down. So I saw them come in and went to get him. And can you guess what the first word out of his mouth were? I kid you not.. he literally said "you look pregnant. Let me touch your stomach to make sure you aren't"

WHAT?????? (I was only like 7 weeks or something so I was NOT showing.. okay maybe I was bloated but did I really look pregnant?)

I was dying! I couldn't believe he said that and had no idea I actually was pregnant! So fun!

And thats the story of how we told all our parents they were going to be Grandparents.


  1. So sweet. And funny that it took him that long to figure it out! Ha!

    We are all so excited for you and can't wait to learn what he is! Oops I mean he/she. Ahem.

  2. Oh, so cute. Isn't telling people you're pregnant one of the most exciting surprises to share?! I love it!

  3. I love your stories! So fun! When you wrote that your dad teared up, I did too :) So excited for y'all!